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Would you buy this?


LawnSite Member
Toronto, CDA
I'm thinking of buying this


Is there any reason I shouldn't buy it and buy something else?

I will be mowing a propertly which is about 2 acres and has a quite large bungalo property on it with a pool house and a pool - so all in all about a 1.5 acre worth of lawn surface.

I'm also want to do snow clean up in the winter on this property with this unit by attaching a snowplow attachment similar to this


Is this a good idea? I'm very new to this sort of thing. Is there better equipment I should consider?



LawnSite Senior Member
West Seneca,NY
The only thing with that mower is its brand new. So not much info on it yet. I have owned 4 cub cadets and had no problems at all.


LawnSite Silver Member
Will you be using it for commercial work or just your private yard?


LawnSite Fanatic
Chattanooga, TN
Will you be using it for commercial work or just your private yard?
If just for your private yard, then it should be OK ... however, if you're going to use it commercially, I wouldn't recommend it because it is not a commercial grade machine.


LawnSite Member
Nashville, TN
Too bad you're in Canada. I'm fixing to put a Cub Cadet 2518 on Ebay soon that's a lot nicer than the mower you listed.
I bought the mower new for my dad a few years ago ($4500 list), he used it 1 summer, then sold his house and moved into a townhome (no yardwork). He gave the mower back to me. It has a 48" deck and 40 hours on it, only because I've pulled a spreader around the back yard with it (20 hours cutting time).:dizzy: