Would you customize a work truck?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by J&R Landscaping, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. J&R Landscaping

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    I'm trying to decide if and how far to go on my new 06 F250 diesel. I'm gonna put a CD player in it because the factory cd player is broken. (Radio works but CD won't insert. Checked it and no a cd is not jammed into it.) I'm also thinking about a new set of chrome rims as the factory XL rated rims are ugly. I'm still debating on what kind of exhaust is going on it but a new system is going on. (Stacks vs standard pretty much.)

    The interior is also getting a CB radio installed later this week. Custom towing mirrors will be replacing the small factory installed mirrors as well.

    Keep in mind that I use this truck for some personal use as well. I don't intend to go over board but I want to make it my own. I'm still trying to decide what type of light bar is going on it to. I have hide-away strobes already picked out.

    Other then what I have listed, would you do anything else to the truck. Would you even go as far as what I have listed? Any insight or suggestions would be great!!
  2. paponte

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    Interior has all the electronic goodies... CD, Satellite, Navigation, 2-way, laptop. The exterior has mud flaps, rain guards, bug guards, nerf bars, headache rack, transfer tank, tool box, pin striping. I refuse to put rims on because the on off, on off, on off, gets tiring real fast. It's a work truck, it's gonna get scratched. Try running a nice set of rims and tires through a muddy jobsite.
  3. getthenet

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    A friend of mine has a 2003 f250. He went all out with turbos, computer with its own screen, tv instead of radio, (cool because he gets dvd videos instead of just music and he has a rear view camera wich you can watch the trailer meet the ball while hooking up.) He also has a 9000 lb winch on the front of his truck and 38" nitto grapler tires on rock star rims. His truck will run a flat 9 seconds in 1/8 mile. Its fun to ride in but with the 7.5" lift and 38" tires it would not pull a trailer very good at all. It also rides rough for everyday travel and I drove about 44000 miles last year.
    I would reccomend the winch, maybe a power chip, and 31" to 33" tires. Any lighting on the front, top or back would be great also. I just added a set of 31" bfg tires on my duramax. I also added a camper shell and carpet in my bed. I bought a $1500 shell and $300 carpet. I also added nerf bars to help others get in my truck. I bought a laptop but have no mount in the truck for it yet. Most people don't want a shell on their truck but I leave all my dewalt tools and levels and cold weather cloths and boots in the back. I love it especially with the carpet. Something elso that will help is put a switchon your fuel pump. Mount the switch under your seat out of site or somewhere else hidden and when you would normally turn your alarm on, just switch the fuel pump off and if someone were to drive your truck it would not go very far if it even starts. Just a few tips.
  4. AceFinish

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    Yah I say adding on to your truck is ok. I would stay away from the chrome rims and stacks though that looks bad when you pull up to a jobsite. Don't get me wrong I like the idea of chrome and stacks but if you pulled up to my house to work like that I would turn you a way people who live in the city I have found hate that kind of stuff. Now I am all for putting a larger exhaust on a work truck. I think that it makes the truck look better. Sound system in work truck is a must.
  5. AI Inc

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    If you intend to plow with it, stay away from a loud exhaust. Listening to that all night gets old quick.
  6. buttaluv

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    In my opinion some people just get carried away, a good radio is a must, power windows and cruise, but no carpet, no tv's, none of that crap, just more to go wrong!!! but I'm a simpleton too!
  7. topsites

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    I'm the kind if all it does is make it look better forget it, I spend enough on upkeep and maintenance that looks take a back seat. So forget tinted windows and any other attention grabbers, that's beside the fact that attention-getters also tend to attract more police attention, it is a fact the bling increases the vehicle's criminal profile at least from an officer's stand point.

    No, not all bling vehicles are driven by criminals, certainly most are not, but once it catches an officer's eye there you are.

    Because by the time I'm done spending a grand on rims I could've just gotten some really nice tires, heck for that kind of money dual exhaust would do far more for the truck itself say in case it didn't need tires, and the more stock the truck looks the better it resembles a dull and boring plain jane, less trouble seems to come my way when it looks like nothing special.

    For 1-200 I can put a toolbox in the back, now that serves a purpose and pays for itself, I can put high performance wires plugs cap and rotor and air filter on for another 200 and gain far more than looks, change the oil and filter and use synthetic oil for another 100 then change trans fluid and filter if I got money left still, radiator flush and fill and just go over the whole vehicle fixing and replacing I can spend a grand that's just burning a hole in my pocket that way easy and it serves some actual purpose.

    It either improves performance, economy, or in some other sort of fashion makes life easier, a GPS and high performance parts under the hood I'm all for that, a fiberglass hood or a tonneau cover fine, but no mirror dice, no bling and no firly fanz. If I want bling I grab bucket and sponge, soap and some warm water and go to town lol

    So as a rule, to answer this thread's specific question, no.
  8. Jason Rose

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    Modify a work truck? Heck yes!

    A stereo is a cheap fix really, and if you are spending 5 to 6 days a week driving this truck around having a good working radio is a must. As for everything else, well that's up to your wallet. Try to focus on things that will help your and the trucks efficiency. Add the tool box, or orginizers in the cab. Focus on fuel economy for the truck too, put a set of headers on and a good flowing muffler. Keep the filters clean and the oil changed. Don't go nuts with oversized tires and lift kits... And like Topsites said, keep it clean!
  9. Rhett

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    I customize all my work trucks. As soon as I get them I install that unwashed tail end yard guy smell. Usually takes about a week. As far as anything besides a stereo no. As long as it looks decent and everything works thats good enough.
  10. TWUllc

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    Tint, lettering, and maybe some chrome (ie Boxes, Steps, etc.).

    No offense, but to me at least, anyone with stacks, or obnoxious exhaust on a work vehicle looks unprofessional, and almost childish. My 2 cents.

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