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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by skurtz78, Apr 23, 2005.

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    My wife is in the Air Force and we have two children who attend daycare on the base. I went to get them Friday afternoon and the grass has not been cut yet. I asked them inside who was to do it and they said they no longer have the funding to pay for it. The company charge $160 a week last year and they can not afford it. They said they cant even afford to get estimates from people because the funding is not there. I asked them if they would allow me to cut it for free for this week and after a few phone calls they allowed me to do it. I did this because of the children. They can not reduce my kids costs or work around the system because it is the government. I would like to know what you all would have done in this situation. I have thought of maybe taking it on weekly and just having the parents throw a little money in to cover my expenses. I would only be working for tips.
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    maybe set somthing up with other parents and let them know what you are doing and just ask for a little to cover your cost.
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    Go to the base commander and ask him to waive your daycare costs for your services, otherwise let some of the base personnel take care of it.
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  5. Eddie B

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    I like this idea.

    You could also claim it as community service, and/or get permission to advertise your services around the daycare.
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    NO I wouldnt. If for no other reason than for what I quoted above.
  7. lawnandplow42

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    Yup, same here. I like this idea too.
  8. crawdad

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    The funding is not there? Are you paying for child care? There's your funding. Stop paying, if you're not getting what you're paying for. Encourage others to do the same. Tell them you can't afford it, the funding isn't there.
    The government invented "working around the system," as they are the system, don't believe the BS they are feeding you.
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    I bet if the daycare in Falluga Iraq needed cutting the Airforce would cut it....Everything for everyone else as our gov seems to say....

    WOW I sounded like a democrat there...
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    yeah, just like our gas prices to pay for a war. If the government would stop invading other countries, our situation here would be a lot better.

    Daniel 8 from the Bible describes a western army coming across the face of the earth to invade iraq and iran. One down and one to go, the gas is 2.00 now, but I have a feeling after we invade iran, its going to double.

    The fascinating thing about the prophecy, is the fact that daniel was standing in kuwait when he saw the western army attacking.

    A lot of people think that the western army was Alexader the Great, but he was from the north, and he touched the ground during his campiagn, so that rules him out, and leaves one other country......

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