would you do it all over again

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by philboudreault, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. philboudreault

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    hey guys i just registered but have been using this forum for some time. Lots of useful ideas here, great site!!

    Ok ... here goes. I have a few questions for the old guys who have been landscaping or hardscaping for a long time. So at the risk of sounding like a pus... here i go.

    I'm 30 years old, no wife no kids, i Live in a apt in the city. I have been a hardscaper for about a 7 years give or take. I did about three years with a company and the rest of the time i have either worked for someone in other industries (aviation) or taken my own contracts. I have about 30 contracts done under my belt, i do excellent work more or less.always turn about 30 to 50 percent profit so i know that its very lucrative at times. I just recently was laid off from my employment (airline) and am taking more contracts on. Here l is my question. Should i just go all out and start the business or not. All of my contracts have been under the table. With the current economic situation is it wise.? what are the benefits to sole proprietorship? Six months of the year there is snow on the ground and snow removal sucks(no offence to u snow guys) I own a chop saw and a vibrATING PLATE a whole batch of tools and a 95 f 150 300ci. I don't know what to do. should i buy a dump truck, i can get and old one for about 2-4 000 (no more deliveries and shovelling out of the back of my pick up) or go big and buy a trailer and a kubota/whatever ( i live in the city so parking and theft are an issue) which is way out of my range finacially (15-20 000 used combined + or -) or should i just quit my whining and keep it the way it is, alone with my ford. i would love to hear from the guys who have some long term experience.
  2. fl-landscapes

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    I think one key part of your story is getting laid off. If you go it on your own you never have to worry about that again. You'll have plenty of other stresses but you can make your business as successful as you choose if you work hard enough.
  3. philboudreault

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    were would u spend first dump truck or trailer?
  4. DVS Hardscaper

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    No, i would not do it all again. Clients and employees can and will burn you out.
  5. philboudreault

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    i agree with u across the line i think what im looking for is the wisdom of experience, when u get started your more concerned about turning out a nice job but since i'm experienced on the work side of things i'm more concerned with"the next step" or where to invest my little amounts of cash...a dumper ... some adverts ... hiring help....c what i'm getting at.. your advice would be invaluable to me..

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