would you do it for this price ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fivejcb, Jun 11, 2002.

  1. fivejcb

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    I have the chance to get a new account, The home owner is not happy with the LCO she has now, said he does not blow off the clippings from drive & walk. The lot is 190' x 600' has a long single drive the house garage and one small building about 10 large trees and a low area that she said floods in the spring. She wants weekly cutting for $75.00 (this is what the other guy charged) what do you guys think sounds to cheep but I need the work and it's close to home, but she won't move on the price I told her I would clean up better than the other guy but she won't move. What would you do ?:confused:
  2. Jimbo

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    Depends on your equipment. If you can cut 2.5 Acres of grass in two hours or less I would do it ($35.00 hour)
  3. MikeLT1Z28

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    i do a lot that is 55,000 sq ft with a 3000 sq ft house for 70 a week. i'd say work fast or tell her you can't do it for that price.
  4. KenH

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    You cant make a living in this business on $35.00 per hour. You have to take into consideration AT LEAST $25.00 per hour for your truck and equipment (and thats cheap) ...that leaves $10.00 per hour for yourself. You might as well work at Home Depot.

    There was a reason why the other guy was doing a crappy job...he probably relized he wasnt making any money.
  5. fivejcb

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    I have a 48'' Ferris hydro WB.
  6. fivejcb

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    That's what I thought his trimming was no good either.
  7. I'd walk away.
    Spend the time you would have been mowing there looking for good customers.
    When they are not happy with current LCO but won't pay more to get a good job, thats got to tell you something.
    If you really need the money then do what you got to, but cutting your rates is a bad habit IMHO.

    BTW-How much lower is the $75 than what you need?
  8. gogetter

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    You said she won't budge on the price, then I'd tell her that you get what you pay for and she'd better get used to unblown drives and walks (of course in nice terms).
    Tell her if she wants it done RIGHT, then it will cost a bit more.

    Otherwise you'll be kicking yourself everytime you're there mowing it, knowing that you're not making the money you should be. It's a crappy feeling.
  9. fivejcb

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    I would like to make min $45 to $55 per hour maybe this is high but if I can't I should stay at my present job $21 + benefits.
  10. cos

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    Do it once and then tell her sorry, you can't do it for that price. If she feels like pushing another LCO around on price, than that's not the customer you want!!!!

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