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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by tylermckee, Jan 11, 2006.

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    I work for a local contracter doing a develpment with 34 homes going in, we landscape the front and the 2 sides the back is left for the homeowner. We usually run a french drain on the property line between the houses (houses are on a slope so each foundation steps up 4-6'). I come and i get the whole yard graded, do my drain, and leave with the yard ready for landscapers to do there thing. Anyways the homeowners hire these guys that come in and tear up our drains, cover all the drain rock with topsoil, mud, sand, crush my pipe with their bobcat. tear up the yard running bobcats through. then finish the backyard and leave! leaving me to run a machine back down, dig up my drain do it all over again, then grade everything again. really gets me going :realmad: at work

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    Why are you doing the drainage ?
    Why are you doing the drainage before the landscaping ?
    The drainage should be done as part of the landscaping
    or since youare having to re-do the drainage after the landscaping,
    why not just wait till after to do your instal of drainage.
    Theres an order to what gets done first to last on landscape projects.
    You are putting the cart before the horse :nono:

    Have you talked to the landscaper?
    Does the home owner know there is existing drainage to let the landscape know not to distroy?
    Communication and scheduling of projects could be your answer.
  3. o-so-n-so

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    If I had already done my "Order of Completion" on the drainage, wouldn't get me back to fix someone else's screw ups unless there was money involved. You would be better off not even doing the drainage at all. I would ***** and moan to the developer about whats going on and push to get the complete scape job.....not just the drainage.
    What you describe is a major screw up. If its not costing the developer any money, then he's not worried about it. Go ask the developer if they have ever installed carpet before painting the walls? .....Nope.................get my drift.
  4. tylermckee

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    Every time i tell the boss to have the landscapers put in the drains but for some reason he always has us do it instead. I ***** and moan that they either need to work around the drain and make sure that they arent going to make a lake in the backyard, or that they should be doing it all. On one of the houses i actually got him to have the landscaper do the drain and you know what he did between the two houses he sloped it right down to the next house, then ran a drain about 1 foot off the wall. i dont know about everywhere else but around here you have to slope it 5 feet away from the house or you wont pass your final. guess who got to fix that one. Its not my company so its not my call, i just do what needs to be done, it all pays the same to me. everything here is just such a rush to get **** complete, in some cases they actually HAVE laid carpet before painting walls. last house that was completed they had just started running interior trim on friday afternoon, and they wanted the house done by wed. at the same time there was guys running trim, laying hardwood, laying tile, hanging cabinets, preping trim, electricians doing trim, plumpers doing trim, i think i counted 25 or more people in the house on sunday.
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    That is the reason I refuse to work in developments for that type of contractor. That schedule is just insane and the reason there are so many screw ups, I do NOT miss those days. Good luck dealing with this guy.
  6. tiedeman

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    I would agree, I wouldn't come back and fix it unless I was getting paid again, or a better schedule was planned
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    No I would not do this but since it is all the same to you what do you care?,your under contract,unless it is putting you behind schedual just don't run the drains or get with the landscapers and talk about whats going on.
    You are supposed to be doing the landscaping but they hire someone else or whats the deal?Your best bet is to let the Landscapers in on whats going on,
    any good landscaper is not going to destroy drains without fixing them and is not going to grade drains towards the next home nor are they going to install drains in the wrong places.
    Talk to the scapers bosses or the owner of the landscape co's and get it streightened out now.
    I would sure put my guys right on it but they would never screw up a drain anyway and neither would I
    drainage is #1 on a job and any good landscaper knows that

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