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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnman24949, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. lawnman24949

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    Over the course of the last few years my company has really started to take off. The problem now is I am in college and having to turn a lot of business away. The company currently maintains 55 accounts ranging from .25 to 5 acres and has one full time employee. I have enough work where I could add another two employees to do more mowing and maintenance work. Since I am in college my dad currently watches over the company to make sure the work is being done because I am three hours away. I don't want him to have to watch over three people because one is already enough with his job. Would you have the current employee run the day to day operations and train the new people or just leave the company at one employee till I get out?
  2. jlcrox2

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    I think this weighs heavily on how much faith you have in your employees management skills.
  3. bakertbyc

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    why not just go to school closer?
  4. lawnman24949

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    I am doing the landscape contracting program at cobleskill because around me there are not many good landscaping programs. There is one about 30 minutes away but I felt their program was not as good.
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  5. herler

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    I am having difficulty understanding how it could be that you are the only one on the whole planet to have ever experienced what you speak of.
  6. promower

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    If I was in your shoes I would finish school then expand so you can put all your energy and focus in your business. Take it from a guy who grew to fast went bankrupt and had to start over.
  7. kwwolfe

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    It's also up to your dad and how much work he really wants to do. Are you paying him for his oversight? If not, maybe profit sharing between you two would be a good idea.
  8. lawnman24949

    lawnman24949 LawnSite Member
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    I do pay him for the work that he does. I think he likes doing it after his other job, but I feel that having him watch over two more additional people is just to much with a full time job.
  9. GVL LLC

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    Not to hijack your thread but I almost went to cobleskill. It was my number 2 choice if I didnt get into the UMass landscape program.
  10. ncpete

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    I would think if you hire additional people, it would be to build a crew that can work together to get more done, to serve more properties. If you are handling 55 properties now with one person, how much more efficient would your business be by adding a second? One person to run the mower, and the other to blow and trim? Shouldn't add too much to your father's work load, unless you figure you could somehow do 110 properties with two people?
    Maybe I am thinking about it all wrong, I am definitely not to that point yet. And how much longer can you be doing that much work in Rochester area, anyways? 30 days before most of the leaves are blown down by the winds coming off the lake, and the grass will all have gone dormant by that time, too, won't it?

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