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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kc2006, May 22, 2006.

  1. kc2006

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    I was cutting a few accounts on the one street today and while I was finishing up the last one I noticed the yard nextdoor was overgrown bad, about a foot tall. Well I used to plow for that house a few years back when I worked for another company, they were really nice people, always tipped us. They used to have another company doing the lawn, I actually took 5 of this guys other accounts on that street he only has one left because he was doing a horrible job, he used to do this account that was overgrown but must not anymore. So I'm mowing and thinking back about them, the family had alot of problems, they had a mentally disabled daughter who was in her late 20's, the parents were older of course, I found out the husband just died last year and the mother isn't doing well either. So I made my last pass and desided F it I'm going to go cut their lawn just to be nice. So I go over and zip it out, took about 5 minutes on the z and I blew the driveway off with the mower real quick.

    I don't expect to get there business from it, but it made me feel good to do it. In the world today, we don't help each other out as much as we all should so in the rare event I can do something to help out I will. I also did it because I used to do the townships "weed calls" aka overgrown yards and we'd get 150 bucks for yards under 5000 sq foot and their yard was about where it should be for people to call.

    Reminds me of that movie "pay it forward", something really good happend to me yesterday so I decided to pay it forward.
  2. Something D

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    You did the right thing in my opinion. Most of the Lawn Guys I see on the street are *****. I wave at everyone and stop and talk to some when filling up for gas. I can say that there are'nt to many people out here that would do what you did. Good Job. It feels good to do something unselfishly every once in a while.
  3. Mowpower

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    I say yes! You did the right thing, and your motivation wasn't because you might get their future business. We can't always do those things everyday but it is good to try and get them in often enough that we can remember it.
  4. boatdude

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    A very nice thing to do! :clapping:
  5. bwilder10h

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    You did the right thing...

    I would have probably done the same given the circumstances.
  6. SWD

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    I do small acts of kindness like this all of the time.
    My crews know to act this way as well.
    Usually I/the crews encounter people down on their luck, and occassionally we can assist a bit.
    I don't do this out of an effort to reap a reward or future business.
    Given the amount of turf mown per week, well over 100 acres, ten minutes isn't going to put me in the red.
  7. Budget

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    Very good thing to do...

    Few weeks back i bid and got a job that is close to my aunts house. So i decided to pay her a visit since i was so close to her house. Same thing my uncle died last year and they have a disabled duaghter in the 40's and now she has cancer. Driving up to the house i was i shocked to she her grass about a foot tall... Something can't be right because she also has 3 sons that live with in 15 mins. of her and not one of them can cut the grass for her! So the next day when i went to do the new job i stoped at her place and did her lawn it took me about an hour to cut it twice. The whole time i am cutting i was thinking whats up with my cousins not looking after their mom...
  8. Maitland Man

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    I had a neighbor of a cusomer ask me cut his yard....said he didn't have any money, but could give me other little things he had. I asked..."whatcha got??"

    ...Guy comes back out of the house with 3 rolls of nickels, case of small bottleds waters, a HUGE industrial roll of duct tape(great for blower tubes and worn out shoe soles in the field,) and a large canister of powder Gatorade mix. I said "sure" while handing him the nickels back and mowed over it real quick like he asked.....then I felt I should do more for all these goodies, so I edged and weedeated before I blew it off.
    Afterwards, he came out and thanked us up and down....said that his mother has been in the hospital, and her whole s.s. check was going to the doctors, but the city was threatening to bill them a fine if it wasn't taken care of. Get this, they even had a water hose going from the neighbors spicket to their spicket to power up their faucets in the house so that they could have water since they couldn't pay the bill.

    The following day, I get a call. It was that young fellow thanking me for everything that we did on his yard...and for getting their water back on. I told him that I didn't get his water turned on. Turns out, after work the day before, my foreman went down and paid this guys $75.00 water bill out of his own paycheck! Made us all feel really good for months after that...every time we turned in the neighborhood, we put our happy faces on......it really makes you appreciate things a bit more....:dancing:

  9. LandscapeMasterpieceGA

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    virtue is the greatest virtue
  10. Surf'n'Turf

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    Good for you! Nothing like a small random act of kindness to swell the heart.
    About a year ago, I was getting some propane for my grill at a gas station. As the guy was filling up my tank, a bunch of city guidos leaving the beach pull and wait for the attendant, who was taking a while b/c he was helping me and working alone. He finishes up with me and walks over to them....I'm putting my tank in back of the trunk...when one of these punks gets out and takes the attendant glasses right off his face and smashes them with his foot and says thanks for taking so long and gets back in their guido mobile and speeds off. I couldn't believe what I just saw...so I go over and help this guy try to ressurect his glasses and we can't find the little screw for the arm. Guy tells me his as blind as a bat without them...so we manage to tape them up for a temp fix. I told him I'll be back and go to a local store to get one of those universal kits that has all the parts and screws to fix up glasses. I get back and help the guy fix his glasses, and he was extremely grateful. I told him after seeing all that, it was the least I could do.

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