Would you have passed? 3 acres for 50.00


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theres a local guy in my town who either vandelizes, badmouths or underbids properties to get them from others. he is doing the local cemetery for about $60 each time and never wants to weedeat or mow the whole 2 1/2 acres each time and gets in a hurry. half the time he doesnt even do it and volunteers have to do it for him.

he has done it to me before, but the work always comes back to me, but i usually charge more to re add them to the list.


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Northern KY
sounds like someone should vandalize this guys properties so he looses all his accounts!! Or dump sugar into his fuel tanks, or both!!! What an ass!


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Long Island NY
You dont want low ballers like that anyways. Any client or business looking for lowest price are a waste anyways. If they want quality work then they would know better. In my area a third of an acre you get 30 bucks. I loose houses too to low ballers too. Most of them are running illegal crews in my location though and i cant compete with there prices.


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SW Missouri
No goats, lol. The majority of the Mennonites around here are good people. There's always the exception in the crowd. Only know this bunch by sight when I see a Dad watching while one kid who appears to be around 12 or 13 runs a Grasshopper ztr and a couple other young one run weed eaters. I'm not pizzed I didn't get it, I just wouldn't do it for what they are, the only thing that gets under my skin a little is I have to pay vehicle insurance, liability insurance and meet requirements that they don't because of our state law.


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springfield ma
wow $50 bucks for 3 acre?....yeah most likely no insurance..because how can you afford insurance at those rates? if they bid $50 for 3 acre uuffff the must be bidding like $4 for residentials...after payin truck and machine gas they will probably be taking home like $25 for 3 hours of work ( between drive time and labor) thats like $8 bucks an hour...F THAT, THEY SHOULD QUIT AND WORK AT MCD'S


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Colden, NY
The sucessful bidder was a Mennonite LS, they do not believe in Insurance and are not required by Missouri statue to carry insurance, not even on their vehicles.

Wow, that is major crap. Leaves everyone else at risk. Not right. Think I'll start a religion that doesn't believe in income tax.

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