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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Dirt Boy, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Wet_Boots

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    Sometimes, it isn't drywall. I did one hose bib install where the wall cutting would have been on wood paneling with 50 years of patina.
  2. irritation

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    patina = rot
  3. Dirt Boy

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    I'm sure a guy could cut into the wall, personally, I don't want that responsibility, not that I haven't done it before, leaking water outside, I can handle, leaks inside someone's wall, not terribly interested. But I will suggest it to them.

    Thanks for all your comments,
  4. AI Inc

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    With the correct fitting you can mount a pvb onto that spigot. Then do a bucket test and design accordingly. Have done it before. Wasnt thrilled to do it but it was the only option.
  5. Lordtimothy

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    I would take off the spigot and plumb out from there for both the irrigation and spigot. Wouldn't look the prettiest but if that is all you have to work with........
  6. Wet_Boots

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    It's a "frostproof" hose bib, so you're stuck with it. It's a situation like this where the old Toro pressure-and-flow gauge assembly comes in handy.
  7. sgbotsford

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    Hmm. 75 foot strip beside house. Strip implies narrow. What, 12 feet? 6 feet?

    At 6 feet that's about 500 square feet.

    How about this:

    Y connector at faucet, $30 buck electric hose bib programmable timer. 120 mesh inline filter 1/2" black poly irrigation tubing, T if needed. 1/2 circle microsprayer every 4 feet. quarter sprays by the AC. Fasten down well with geotextile staples. Owner would have to bring timer in in winter, and replace the battery evey spring.
  8. afpettijohns

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    Split the tap, put in a battery operated timer and tunnel under the pave to support the line. With the split the water is still available and costs are minimal to install.

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