Would you join a company as a vendor?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Tyner Lawn Service, Aug 10, 2010.

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    I ran across a very good real estate company that I could join and be their main mowing company. They have all types of businesses from painters etc they use and I have a connection to get into this. What you get is advertising on their website so when a homeowner or agent is looking for someone they can use you. It also opens the door for their commercial property managers to see you are a member. I would be the only one of two that could leave brochures in all the agents offices and they also will put as many updated ads on their website I give them each week. People who buy a house or are selling would get my name first. The cost is approx. $1,000 per year. Have any of you done this as a vendor for a company? This company is first class and has been around since the late 1800's. Thanks
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    never done this.

    there was a co. around here begging for someone to Join them. I started the process. only to find they wanted me to pay them. LOL. then the jobs they had were already given away. at that point I would be a sub contractor.

    the pay was wayyyy to low. they were too picky.
    I simply didn't need to pay someone to find me jobs. I'm snowed under as it is.
    too much paper work, have to wait 3 months before getting paid. would have to take about 7 to 10 pics of completed jobs before sending in the "REQUEST" to be paid. and you only had a certain amount of time to send it in. or NO PAY.

    It looked to be a PITA, I would NEVER pay to join someone, of corse I have attitude.
    I would make someone pay me to join them.

    Best of luck
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    Actually this is a very legit company that sells and manages homes where as if they have houses that the owners don't have time to mow they use me until sold or if someone buys a home I'm the first one they see thru the companies brochures and website. It's also for all the other work (lawn related) or snow. It's maybe one time deals but you would have 50 calls a month minimum. It pays well with return on time payments.

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