Would you move to FL?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by noble1, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. unkownfl

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    Lawn care period down here isn't what its cracked up to be man. I promise you if you come down here it better be for construction. The lawn industry is a mess down here. Yes there is tons of lawns to cut but not many want to pay. Most lawns are so small homeowners cut it or they don't pay anything. Yes you can get by doing it if you want to make 25-40k a year anything past that you're going to run into issues your head will hurt. Sure people do it and make way more than I quoted but I would be willing to bet more people have made it into space than become successful wealthy business owners in the lawn industry here this last decade.
  2. Sprinkler Buddy

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    It's worth the move just for the weather here! lol Your young and you have some experience, I'm sure you'll do fine with the transition and your business will grow with time just as it has where your at.
  3. easy-lift guy

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    I just read over your post, I believe your really over thinking this whole idea of relocating. We don't have the restrictions and laws regarding the DOT that you have in CO, mainly because we don't have any Mountains or Snow. DOT inspections could very well take place for LCO'S here however I have never seen it in 42 years, unless your pulling over 80K I believe your concern is really unfounded.
    easy-lift guy
  4. ducnut

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    Heck, yes, I'd move to FL!

    I'll be down there, this time, next year. See ya' there. :waving:
  5. unkownfl

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    I see more lawn guys getting pulled over by DOT than anyone else when I'm in South Florida. Especially on 441 or 95. However they seem to get away with a lot. I see people running around dragging crap, stuff blowing out, people thrown all over the dump beds laying on debris going down highways here all the time. You see little compartments made for people to get stuffed in behind cabs before the beds made of plywood. I wouldn't live in very many places besides FL so it just maybe worth it.
  6. CNYScapes

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    Great thread for us looking for warm weather place to move !! twice in the past week it has been almost 20 below with wind chill here in NY!! Its tough to sit here for 4.5 months each winter waiting for spring.
  7. easy-lift guy

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    If you took the time to read the OP's thread he was asking about weight limitations when traveling on roads. Nearly anywhere police will stop trucks and trailers for unsecured loads or debris falling or flying off trucks or trailers.
    easy-lift guy
  8. unkownfl

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    I'm glad you pointed that out because yes it is the same as Colorado. You will need DOT numbers over 10001 and any commercial vehicle must enter weigh stations.
  9. unkownfl

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    Once you get here you can get out of your DOT number if you stay under combined or gvw 26k but getting here you will need it to cross with lawn equipment trailer etc.
  10. noble1

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    easylift- Not overreacting. Here in CO, if you are over 14k, you are required to pull over and be subjected to a thorough inspection, where ever State Patrol DOT Enforcement decides to park their "port of entry" van. They just randomly place their van in several different spots around town each day and start red tagging trucks. I was looking to see if FL had the same type of nonsense. That's full DOT inspections on nearly a daily basis for driving around in a 1/2ton truck with dual axle landscape trailer. If I can avoid that type of ridiculousness, it would add weight to my decision to move to FL. Just looking at all pros and cons thoroughly, before making a move. I have rushed to uneducated decisions before, with negative consequences.

    UnkownFl- I don't know if I am reading wrong, but it appears your two statements contradict each other. One says if over 10k, you must have DOT #, and the next post says I can drop the DOT# if I stay below 26k. From what I read, I believe its 26k, but can you confirm that for me? Also didn't think about interstate moving, thanks. I would think that this would be me making a personal move with my possessions, so no DOT needed. I would be relocated a business, but not conducting business operations over state lines.

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