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    Fl Scapes and UnkownFl- Thanks for the info on Orlando, unfortunately you have cleared up nothing. Haha. I have seen constantly conflicting info about how safe or dangerous Orlando is in many different sources: websites, magazines, newspapers, and even forums about Orlando. So now here I have the same happening.

    As for the layout of Lake Mary, sounds very similar to here. Lots of tract homes on small lots, requiring smaller wb's. Though I can get away with belts here 99% of the time.
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    So an option would be if i get an install job and the customer wants irrigation, have a "good working relationship" with a plumber. Have him contract the install, and I would "apprentice" under him (do the complete install) and he takes a cut for nothing more than use of his licensing to complete the work. Or would I some how get my hand smacked for that by big brother?
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    It requires being a formal employee to do it that way. The hours and training have to be documented. Permits have to be pulled, inspections arranged. There's plenty of guys doing it under the table. You can see their work a mile away. Stick to lawn and landscape, refer out the work you're not licensed for or commit 3 to 4 years working full time for someone and sit for the test. I don't know what your looking at on the website. The Irrigation contractor FAQ explicitly states you must have the specialty license. Most licensed guys won't risk prosecution by pulling a "rent a license" deal.
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    Patriot- From your previous link, go to Irrigation CILB 5-AC. Once on that page, there is a link for more information, highlighted as "learn more". On that page of FAQ's, #2 states "No, pursuant to s. 489.1113(6), Florida Statutes, certified specialty contractor licenses do not create a mandatory licensing requirement. The new specialty license simply provides an alternative to obtaining a local irrigation contractors certificate of competency or a full certified plumbing contractor’s license."

    But I will take your word for it, and just write this off as the govt miswriting a document, because they are not exactly known for top quality work. This is why I am asking these questions, because I am more likely to learn the truth from LCO's in the field working real world, than relying on a webpage for proper info. Thanks for clarifying.

    If it requires being a formal full-time employee making crap wages so someone else can profit from my work while I "learn" from them, no thanks. I hate the idea of subcontracting irrigation to someone else also. It just hurts to throw away really good money for really easy work. But I guess if I decide to move to FL, that is the raw deal I must accept. Another aspect to weigh on my decision to move or not. I will have to accept that I will be losing a substantial amount of revenue in irrigation by making the move. Will have to look at options to make up that money somewhere.
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    Are those licensing rules about the same for lawn pest applications?
  6. Patriot Services

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    Yep, pull hose and ceus for somebody else or a BS degree and still have to sit for the test. Florida is known for being the hardest pest test in the country. Your putting poison real close to our limited drinking water. Same for irrigation, your potentially wasting our limited drinking water.
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    North Orlando IMHO is better on AVERAGE ...on Median INCOME....and I believe that is fact and will attempt to pull the data that shows that that came out recently.
    Areas in the Southside, in particular , the Southwest side like Windermere, there is money there for sure and that is one of the larger concentrations in the Orlando Market...to give you a idea that is where you are likely to find many retired and current athletes and movie start owning a home or second home etc....but that is the problem with the south side IMHO...there are certain communities in which the income is concentrated ...the next town over 2 miles may be a entire different population as a whole and a totally different income....aka Ocoee which backs right up on Windermere area or the parts of Ocoee that back right into some nicer parts of Winter Garden. It is hit and miss there more than on the north side IMHO.

    The north side - you are more likely to find more consistent higher levels of income...not Movie STAR or that type of income throwing off the balance but I think for example if I remember correctly the town I am based out of the individual income median income is around $89K . Not movie star rich but comfortable especially considering most homes tend to be dual income and active earners in this parts...especially Oviedo which has been named several times over the last three or four years Money Magazine and Life etc #1 place to live and raise a family kind of article. ...that means people moving here for the growth of their kids which generally means a younger crowd vs other communities north of Orlando like say the Villages where there is money ...but many of them are retired. Does that all make sense? I know I am carrying on.

    North end as Mentioned by myself and others....Areas that I would consider desirable to live in and honestly work in ( and I work in all of them) ....Baldwin Park, Winter Park, Oviedo, Lake Mary/Heathrow , Longwood (Certain sections) , Winter Springs. These are all the cities I would say to look at. Oviedo , Winter Springs are pretty normal 2 to 6 K lots of turf with 500 square of beds to 2K of beds. Owners have good solid respectable incomes...not super rich but homes with two range rovers and a porshe or BMW in the garage are not out of the question and pretty common type of income.
    Winter Park is a mixed bags - Lots of Older homes with Giant trees which equal leave litter and some larger size lots in the 7 to 18K range. Many Homes for example are Million or Multi Million Dollar homes on little bitty lots. For example look at Windsong Subdivision that we work in in Baldwin park on line. One lawn we do is 2K of turf maybe 3K of beds and we make a killing on this lawn. Just down the road further in Baldwin we have trac homes that although small are more profitable because there is in many instances less than 800 square foot of turf in the front and back and the homes are so close together that turf does not grow inbetween. Mixed bag in Baldwin and Winter Park. Baldwin seems to be lots of "newer money" ...true histroric area of winter park = Lots of "old money" and a few celebrity types like Carrot top ext thrown in.

    Lake Mary - Mix of lot sizes. Income Solid. Most homes solid incomes with 4 to 10 k lots. New areas = no trees or immature trees and no litter issues ....older generally larger trees and shade and leave litter issues. Lake mary also is in the general area of Heathrow.
    Heathrow is essentially for the most part really truly one large gated community with say on average ...500+ K houses being the norm but many many homes in the 1.5 to 2 million area.

    Longwood - a mixed bag lives here. The big money is in neighborhoods like Alaqua and Alaqua Lakes and Reserved communities for example which are real close to Heathrow above. My experience in there has been our customers have homes in the 600K+ to 1.5 mill and a few of 2 to 3 million plus homes that we have not touched into yet that level of property yet.

    So your question about the North side = IMHO yes a little more consistent on good income homes and levels and overall decent people.

    The issue of course with this concentration of income you have ALOT of lawn companies ...and you have a wide range in differences in prices. And just because some are lower in price does not mean they do a bad job. I have one gated community I had a home for two years. I made a nice little check every month off the property in there. 1 man - solo comes in and starts doing two or three homes..with a year he had over a dozen in the community of less than 30 homes. I did some digging and found out his prices are pretty low IMHO...which shocked me..cause the guy was doing quality work. He eventually took the one I was doing for less. I still have relationships with the owners in the community and make good money there because this guy is so busy doing all these high input maintenance accounts that he can not take a break to do mulch, rock or sod installations....so we still generally do those things for a community but that should give a example of the competition and the mind set of some people you would face.

    As much as I hate to agree with Ric on anything. I am pretty sure he nailed it first or second page when he said ...if you are happy there...you will be happy here...if you are unhappy there ....unhappy here....successful there...successful here. I think that will hold true here.
    I invite you to look into the north end that I service. There is a bunch of work here...that us not the problem ..the problem is figuring out how you will make it work for yourself and your expectations when you arrive here.

    Here is some of the list and the date that I was referring to above I said I would look for. It should give you some proven data and not opinion based data if you are serious in moving. You are in Colorado though...if it was me with the green industry background.....I would be looking at another GREEN industry related income...especially during the winter months if I lived there vs coming here. I mean if you are going to be spraying to keep spider mites off something here...why not be spraying to keep the spider mites off your own indoor grow garden? They are talking about legalization for medical here with John Morgan here...and understand that I am not joking when I tell you that will be a profitable side business I will look into if they do..I will put my knowledge to grow that once it is legal for a revenue source. And I do not partake ...so do not get it twisted...but I see the potential profit there for those of us that have a basic understanding of horticulture.

    Any how to you links..

    Remember these are not average but MEDIAN incomes. Meaning 1 half of the population is above that number and 1 half is below that number.





    The money is here the potential is here....it is up to you to move here and you to grow a business in it. You can do it but if you do or not is up to you...not something any of us can answer.
  8. OneLineAtATime

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    Great info guys.... I want to make the move as well...
  9. jsslawncare

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    I'd like to move to Fl but I'd do some different. Explore other fields of work.
  10. OneLineAtATime

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    For sure, i visit once a year with family.. I see tons of paver repair i would get into...
    I think my bucket truck and chipper would be a hit...

    I wouldn't even search for houses to mow, i would bid on every apartment complex i could find in the area..
    I have no problem walking into the office and talking to them...

    One of my loaders has a/c so bring on the heat.. LOL..

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