Would you mow a Service-Man's lawn for free while he's at war?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bluesteel, Mar 25, 2003.

  1. I'm going to try and find a lawn or two that belongs to a Service-Man, and mow it for him while he's at war, free of charge. Any ideas on how I could find someone like that? I don't want it to become any kind of promotion. I'd just like to help someone who's away covering my @$$.
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    I had a call last week to give a bid and when I got to the house to bid the yard the guy and me began to talk and he said he needed the bid but didn't know when he was going to need me because he was on alert to leave for the war and he could be called at any time. I told him to keep my number and to have his wife call us if he is called away, he asked how much it would be and I said " I won't be charging you " he said that he didn't feel right getting something for nothing and I said you will be paying me plenty when you go to war to protect our country. We ended up debating back and forth for the next five minutes about payment so I turned around to leave and as I was about to get into my truck I said call me when you leave so that we can start paying you back for everything you guys (servicemen) do for us. I felt so good on the way home just knowing that he had one less worry (the grass) before he had to leave.
  3. Shoot, that's a much better way of looking at it. It's not about doing it for free, its paying them back. Excellent!
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    wow, very nice. I live in Canada and we in effect have no military but that really hit me because that would be a extreme case in which I too would provide "service gratius". I would not actively seek servicemen cause my time is money, but if one were stuck I would too be there. My only discounts provided are 10% off or charge no tax to seniors.

    We do have peacekeepers and selct servicemen in Canada who are sent overseas. If consiveably I was called I would never hestiate to provide my services for free, for the duration of their active duty.

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    That is great to help out a Service Man, and his family. I don't see it as paying them back, more to me is just the appreciation of what they stand for....
    Do you live near a Military installation, Base, National Guard Armory ?? You could ask the family support group that helps with times like now.. Maybe ask the local Mail Man if he knows of any Service Man that you could assist.. Hope this helps...

    Lou :cool:
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    Way to go P&Jlawncare,
    Couldn't have said it any better. I hope everyone reads this post and follows your lead. WELL DONE!! :D :D :D :D :D
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    I know our local paper is following a couple families while husband / son etc is off at war. You may want to contact your local paper and see if they can get your name to a family. You get an "Atta boy!" from me. One less concern in their wife's mind.

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    Last duty station used to do that for the guys who where deployed. If you are near a base, pick a squadron and give the first Sergeant's office a call and ask them if there is a junior enlisted family that could use this service. They are usually the ones that can least afford it and have a couple of small children that make it difficult for the spouse left behind to take care of the lawn. Real nice thought and gesture.

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    HATS OFF to you great idea

    fatboy 5803

    (family support group) good suggestion

    I mow in an area that has a national guard unit. I might go brook but I beleive GOD will bless. Checking into it today.

    don't think I'll advertise it in the paper though I might get takin advantage of (lied to).

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