Would you pay $6736 for a Hustler Sport 48"cut Kawasaki 20hp?


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Hey how come for example a Hustler sport 48" cut Kawasaki v twin is priced at $6600 Australian dollars, yet in the USA that price is only $3999 USD.

And $6600 AUD = about $6736 USD

So, $6736 - $3999 = $2737 difference.

A hustler super Z 60" Kawasaki 37hp
USA price $13,199
AUD price $17,999
***Difference=$4800 ***

Got to love living in Australia right ;)

USA RRP Prices from here http://www.southernindianaequip.com/p/2011-Hustler-Turf-Pricing-4798
AUD RRP Prices from here http://tractorshop.com.au/shop/categories.php?category=New-Mowers&sort=featured&page=1



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sudbury ontario
your kidding right ? everybody knows that everything is more money in Australia etc because of the enormous magnet they have to install so it doesnt fall off of the bottom of the world .:drinkup:


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St. Louis, MO
I am sure that you have some things in Australia that can be bought for half as much as we pay here in the USA. I have no idea what they would be, but going to Australia is on my bucket list so I hope to find out someday.


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Stupid big arse magnet.

When I went over the the states everything was so cheap. Like everything, food, fuel, soft drinks.

And no one that I have emailed as yet will send me a hustler machine or a scag machine becasue they are not allowed to ship overseas etc blah blah blah.

Does anyone know of someone who would be willing to sell and ship me a machine from the USA to Australia?

You can send me a Private message.