Would you pay for this type of service?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by topsites, Jul 18, 2006.

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    This idea keeps playing around in my head, I've converted my home into an energy saver and I keep thinking about doing this as a sideline...

    What I would do is estimate houses to be converted to energy savers, the general cost would run between $200 - $600 total, a lot of it depends on how much can be done vs. how much a house already has. As a rule, the savings would be anywhere from 5-20% on electric and water, so the initial cost would be recovered in 2-3 years, maybe 4.

    The effect is permanent, once the service is performed, the savings go into effect immediately and last for a lifetime. With some things, a twice yearly visit may be required for resetting of certain things such as if the homeowner can not do it themselves, at a cost of $30 / visit. The service and any and all items installed come with a 5-year warranty.

    Here's a comparison chart of my electric bill last year vs. this year (thus far):
    (and yes, the house is heated and cooled via heatpump, single story rancher)
    Last year /// This year:
    07/12/2005 $89.31 avg.kwh/day 30 /// 07/12/2006 $73.18 avg.kwh/day 26
    06/11/2005 $62.16 avg.kwh/day 21 /// 06/13/2006 $57.53 avg.kwh/day 18
    05/12/2005 $59.74 avg.kwh/day 22 /// 05/11/2006 $49.76 avg.kwh/day 17
    04/14/2005 $89.08 avg.kwh/day 30 /// 04/12/2006 $64.65 avg.kwh/day 23
    03/11/2005 $110.08 avg.kwh/day 47 /// 03/14/2006 $84.96 avg.kwh/day 32
    02/11/2005 $145.86 avg.kwh/day 63 /// 02/13/2006 $100.94 avg.kwh/day 36
    01/12/2005 $112.51 avg.kwh/day 49 /// 01/11/2006 $107.65 avg.kwh/day 43

    p.s.: some things had already been implemented in '05, the real high electric bills happened in 2004, of which I no longer have records. Still, I think the figures are convincing.
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    Did you tint your windows also?
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    I wouldn't but then again I change my own oil, fuel filters, furnace filters, etc. I think a good deal of people would (the ones with a lot of disposable income). I would believe you need to market this towards those folks.
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    all you do is call the power company and they will do it for free. so check your area if the market can welcome it then why wouldnt it

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