Would you put someone out of business?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by olderthandirt, Dec 21, 2003.

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    I live in a small town approx. 3,000 people and I need to start mowing here next yr. The problem is that there is another guy that has it pretty well wrapped up. The only reason I want this area is for my daughter, she's disabled but she like that rain man guy when it comes to running mowers she does'nt drive and never will, but I have a guy that will drive her and the equipment around town. She is an adult but will live at home with me & the Mrs. until we die so I'm trying to make her as self sufficient as possible. Now back to the ? I talked to the other guy about selling me some accounts or the whole biz. [he only does this part time and were only talking about 12-15 yds. at $15 or $20] I even offered to buy his equipment so he would not be out any $$$. But he's a young guy and told me to stick it. So My question to everyone is this I can Low ball this guy to the point of doing the yards for $1 apiece and I know he can't pay for his mower unless he does these few yds. So in essence I would be putting him out of business. I don't want to waste my time with these but like I said I have a guy that will help & drive my daughter but it can only be here in town. And please don't tell me to get new accounts because that not possible in this size town and the small time politics I already looked into that. So whats everyone say? :waving:

    Merry Christmas to All

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    You old low baller! HEH, j/k. That's a tricky situation. I always complain about people low ballin' just to get business, but if this guy told me to go stick it I just might have to play some hardball. I will do anything for my daughter, thats a tough call. Sometimes you just gotta do whatcha gotta do. :cool:
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    Yea I hate to even use that word [low ball] thats why I really want some other opions

  4. bob

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    Do you really want to work for $1 an hour? Your overhead would be much more than that. Just start advertising on your own and don't be afraid to knock on some doors. Most LCO's aren't going to sell you lawns while their still in business.
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    im trying for another company in the spring, im sick and tired of them following my around an knocking on my customers doors offereing a lower price. also this company decided that they would call the cops on me a few times, ended up got a nice notice from the planning commisioner that i was running my business illegally in a residential area, come on, at the time i had a trailer and two mowers stashed away by the barn!

    and if your wondering how i found out it was them, its amazing having a family that have lived in our community for 6 generations knows everyone, and well, this a$$ hole decided to get drunk at our fair's beer tent and spill the beans to people, LOL, amazing what people do drunk
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    I'm sure my response is going to tick a few people off, but oh well. I don't like the lowball term either, but you need to look out for the best interest of your daughter. If she isn't self sufficient, what happens to her when you and your wife aren't here anymore? It sounds like the other guy is doing this for beer money if I'm reading this correctly. You would raise the prices after you put him under? Then do it. I don't know what kind of disability she has, but you hit a nerve with me. My older brother has a learning disability but works full time as a dishwasher.(24yrs) He still lives with my Mom. He will be my responsibility when my Mom is gone. Again, this is your daughter so you need to do whatever is necessary. Good luck. Matt
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    I would think of a better way to go about this. You do not have to lowball to get the accounts and you do not have to have his accounts. I understand its your daughter your looking out for, but how do you think it would make her feel if she knew what you were going to do. I would market the area a little bit and try to get to know a few people to get them to help you out. Just put on you happy friendly face and sell them your work and on yourself.

    There are better ways to get rid of people like that.

    With everything going on in the world right now we need more PEACE.
  8. osc

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    I think you are getting ready to make a huge mistake.

    Let's fast forward to the bottom line. If you really want your daughter to have a business like this, I would pursue building the business like you needed to make a profit and see what happens.

    Can you imagine the lowball senario actually being successful? Where will your credibility be when you raise the price?

    Finally, your daughter's disability may be an advantage with people. If her Co. does good work at a competitive price, what lowlife is going to ax the service with her to save a buck with someone else. Not to mention, there are probably government and tax programs and incentives to take advantage of for her and her customers. If there are any large commercial accounts to be had within a reasonable drive, I would check it out.

    Just my thoughts.

    If you really want a great business for her then start making candles. High profit, sell like hotcakes and a perfect product to market the idea of a business woman with a disability being productive type thing. People may identify the product with her story and buy her product over anothers just because.
  9. mtdman

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    Why does it have to be lawn mowing for this girl? Is there no other type of work she could do? And are you sure that even at $1 a lawn people would pay that to have her do it? Some people might not be comfortable with having her do it.

    Personally, I wouldn't do it. I would feel like crap about it.
  10. olderthandirt

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    I guess I should of pointed out that this will never be her biz. or company. She's 100% disabled and gets disability. Her lungs are shot and she can only go outside when its warm, late april through middle of Oct. So I'm not considering it for the money I would be subsidizing her mowing by giving her the equipment. She just loves to mow. I want to teach her how to manage money and the resposability of having to finish a job etc. I did not know there was probably government and tax programs and incentives to take advantage of for her and her customers.I will have to look into this. But the problem is I have someone here in town to help her and there are no commercial accounts or industry around. I don't want to low ball this kid [ he's 22 or 23 and lives at home] but this is a small town and unless your born here you will always be an outsider. I've donated alot of time and materials for the parks and other projects but if they have to pay for something I never hear from them. Its small time politics. Any other suggestions or comments Please reply


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