would you question your dealer about this??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Florida Gardener, May 2, 2010.

  1. I ordered a lopper attachment for my silky polesaw from my dealer as i pretty much get everything from them. $120 something total. No problem. Well, i recently went on silky's website and they are selling for $70. I understand i would pay shipping and handleing, but is that too much of a premium for my dealer to charge??Would you question it?
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    I wouldn't argue over $50 this time, but I sure would check around before ordering anything else from them to make sure they are not ripping you off again.
  3. wimpy

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    Could simply be the manufacturer just underbidding and cut throating the dealers. They make the tool, they can sell it cheaper, they don't have a storefront and don't have to deal with the overhead. Possibly your dealer is just selling it at retail that Silky MSRP's. Lots of manufacturers do this. But check around anyway.
  4. Lush,

    I don't think they have overpriced anything in the past. You have to figure shipping/handling from silky would have been $10-$15, so we can call it $85. But it still seems like a big add-on. However, my dealer did say it is not something they really keep a lot of in stock so maybe it costs them more to order???? Although, i bought the silky pole saw for like $240 and vermeer down here sells the same one for $200......
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    It's because there's dirty lowballers everywhere.
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    Tell the dealer "strike one". Hopefully the dealer will react and ask what the problem is.

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