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would you rat him out?


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a new lawncutting customer, was asking me some questions regarding landscaping he had done the previous year. he felt he was drastically overcharged, and had drainage problems that the contractor refused to come back and fix. he showed me his contract and asked about the prices on it. one thing that stood out was "4 ton of goosegg stone=$600". i almost swallowed my toungh when i saw that. when i tell you there was less than a ton there, i mean it. i kind of just got around commenting on the prices and talked about other things. would you have told him?


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I know in almost every kind of service industry you need to be really carefull how you talk about the service of other companies. It almost always comes back to you. Once the owner confronts the landscaper he will have it out for you and prob just make up lies about you.

I would just give them some vague answers like it looks like there might be slightly less than 4 tons of stone here, you might want him to recalculate that. I would not say that they got ripped off etc. etc.

You probably know all that I have stated I just felt like typing and your post was the first one I read.


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Providence, RI
Nope. I would just talk about what I could do for him, sell myself and not undersell the other guys. The world is big, but can become very small quickly and you never know who knows who and who you can trust. So I would just stick to my services and my reputation.


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Yeah, you should know better, Bobby. Afterall, the other company might be run by the Sapranos:angel:


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Beaverton, OR
I call it like I see it. If I would have seen that and felt like it was quite a bit less than 4 tons (like you say) then Yes, I would have mentioned it.

When another landscaper does good work, I always praise the work. Whether they are my competition or not. When they do shoddy work, if asked, I will definitely give my opinion on that as well.

There are so many landscapers where I live I am just one of thousands. And I've got enough business and a good enough reputation that my work speaks for itself. No matter how much someone tried to badmouth me or our company, I doubt too many people would take it to heart. It would seem a little suspicious.

Anyway, I wouldn't NOT say something just because I was scared of what others were going to say about me later. I don't play that game.