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would you show them how?


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he wanted a price on: edging and mulching of beds, cleanup, weekly mow, fert program. he decided after reading the prices, that he would go with edging and mulch, cleanup, grasscutting ......but only 2-3 weeks apart, not every week. and...he gonna do the fert himself, BUT he wants me to write up a program he can follow, and when i'm there every 3 weeks to cut, i should report to him what i see and advise him of what to put down. is anyone here willing to to do this? the cleanup, mulch, and edging is a nice payday for me. what would you do? can you guess what i'm gonna do?

Gr grass n Hi tides

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Eastern NC
Of course, I'd take the clean-up, edging and mulch work. Then I'd try to talk him into weekly mowing by explaining the fert apps will make the lawn zoom & "one cut every 2-3 weeks" won't be nearly enough to keep it looking good & healthy. If he didn't go for regular mowing I'd probably pass on that part. I think the only way you could mow on a "once every 2-3 week" basis would be if you had that much flexibility in your sched. & he was willing to pay for all the extra work. Game time call really.

I'd also give him the advice he wants on fert apps. Some folks here might say charge him a consult fee for the fert advice. If he's a non stop talker or you spend a lot of time on it in some other way, that might be appropriate. Otherwise, just gab with the guy for a few min. once every so often when you see him or he's handing you a check.

The way I see it, I'm "educating" folks on the fert apps anyway. I mean, I don't just say "dude I'll see you once every 6-8 weeks to put some stuff on your yard that will help." I tell them what's being applied & what it does. Same thing, only you're not doing the work. Again, maybe charging a "consult fee" is a good thing. Maybe not a separate charge........but a few dollars added onto say the cleanup might cover your bases. Heck, maybe you've already covered it.

Probably a few different ways to handle this one. I'm not sure how you'll work this one bobby ;-) ................

Ray & Karen

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Since your already making good money on the mow, I would coninue to sell him on the fert program. You may be able to give him a bit of a discount, and make it affordable. Bobby, you of all people should know the concept of selling your services.