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Would you take this work?

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36 duplexes, for a company that cares for elderly and disabled adults. I estimate at 15-16 hrs of work bi-weekly, so 30-32 hours of work per month. $25/building. $1800 per month. They are small, not much work, no gates, pets, toys, just want it mowed bi-weekly thats it. So 4, 8 hour days per month to complete them, (i'd work longer days) for $450 per day, it figures out to $56.25 per hour. That all includes drive time, and trimming edges once per month. Its a lot less than I want to work for........but if they give me a 1 year contract for the lawn and snow.....It seems tempting.... what do you all think? With my equip and hauling a$$ I can probably do it much quicker....
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$56.25 per hour solo? If that includes drive time, unload, mowing/trimming...Yep, I'd take it.
Actually though, if it's the normal 1/4acre lots duplex I'd bet you could get it done in one day at about 10-12 hrs. If you can knock it back to 24 hrs. /month you're in the $75per hour range and again, I'd take it.
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