Would you tell your neighbor...

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    ...that they were getting ripped off.

    I've got some new neighbors that moved in a few weeks ago. I've met them, they seem nice, and we get along quite well.

    I took off today to get some work done in my own yard before it gets too cold. While I'm in the front yard I see a guy talking to my neigbor (single mom/grown kids) and I can hear some of the conversation. He's telling her about the plan he can put her on and that he'll be out there every 2 or 3 weeks and that it's a year round deal to get her yard in shape. It's a new home with a poor excuse for a lawn.

    She asked a few questions as to what he's going to do for the lawn. It was like seeing a kid get caught with his hands in the cookie jar. There were a lotta 'ums' and 'uh wells' and 'you knows' and he basically tells her he has a lot of chemicals he uses. She asks, "Like what kinda chemicals?" His reply was eventually, "fertilizers and sprays".:rolleyes: :hammerhead: :laugh: She asked him if they would get rid of all her crabgrass and he replied that she WANTED to keep the crabgrass to fill in the spots where there was no grass.;)

    Anyway, she lets him start work right then and there. The guy goes back to his blazer and pulls out a brand new $29 Scotts spreader (still got the tags on it) and a small bag of all-purpose fertilizer. He uses the spreader in no certain pattern around her yard. This is a half acre lawn. He then goes back to the truck and opens a 10lb bag of Rebels cheapest and walks around the whole yard throwing it by hand. I didn't see if he used the whole bag of fert. or seed.

    When he finished, he puts his stuff back in his truck and knocks on the door. This was literally no more than 15 minutes. He was in the garage so I couldn't hear him but the last thing I heard my neigbor say was, "$100, right?" I 'bout choked.

    I feel I need to tell my neighbor something but part of me says to mind my own business. If the guy cut corners would be one thing but this guy is completely clueless and apparently so is my neighbor.

    The other part of me says this guy is a genius and I could learn from him and retire by the end of next year.:laugh:


  2. rodfather

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    I would most definately go and talk with her Andy
  3. stumper1620

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    I agree Rod,
    I wouldn't use it as a time to make a sales pitch(save that for later) but, be sure they understand he is doing nothing for a lot.
  4. rodfather

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  5. DoetschOutdoor

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    Thats just crazy and these type of people go after the single mom that has no idea what is going on. NO reason to let this continue and not tell her.
  6. sheshovel

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    I agree totaly, in fact I probably would have interupted their conversation to tell her what I thought of him, before she got ripped off. YES, tell her asap but not in a way that makes her feel stupid.
    If you see that guy again, give him hell for taking advantage of single mothers and ask him if he has a licence to conduct business and apply chemicals.
    If he does not turn his azz in.
  7. DaughtryLC

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    Would you want your neighor to tell you??????

    FATWEASEL LawnSite Senior Member
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    I agree with all of you. Also I was kidding about learning from him and retiring.:laugh:

    I would have interrupted but I was kind of under the impression that she was just getting a quote as they were standing in the front yard while he pointed things out. On top of that, he didn't appear to have any equipment with him, no trailer, aerator, nothing. Who would've thought the guy carried his whole outfit in the back of a blazer?;)

    I seriously didn't expect to hear any prices being thrown around either but I was going to inquire to her later as if I was going to add that to my business and wondered what the going rate was, just to see what this loony bird was charging. I figured for what he did, she would've said maybe $40-50. I never expected $100!:dizzy: Hey, at least the guy doesn't lowball.

    Anyway, I'd bet good money he's neither licensed or insured as well. He just struck me as a somebody that would show up every few weeks when he needed a little extra money, regardless of what the lawn needed.:nono: :rolleyes:

    I need to figure out a way to tell her.
  9. Mickhippy

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    Talk to her but be gentle! If you dont want to do it yourself, give her the number of a reputable operator!
  10. paponte

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    Ok, I'm gonna have to disagree here. Besides the fact that the guy works out of a blazer, and obviously has no idea what he is talking about. 1/2 acre lawn... fertilizer application and spot seeding. Is $100 really out of whack? I honestly do not think so. I would get that for a 1/4 acre property no problem. :confused:

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