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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by nashlawn01, Mar 20, 2013.

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    The 997z is a little heavy, but dont have any problems on my irrigated lawns at all. If it is real wet I just use the 930 w/60 inch deck. Both my John Deere's stripe beautifully. There stripe just as nice as any mowers that I have owned.
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    nash, they want $14890, including tax,plus they are giving you nearly $7k for your mower? That would be a no brainer around here. I called about buying another 997 today. A 2013 997 would cost me $17500 plus tax.The price went up 2 thousand dollars in 4 months. I was told that JD is not offering any rebates at this time, that's why the price has increased. You have been offered a sweet deal! I really like my 997.
  3. nashlawn01

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    Plus they told me the 2013 model have all the emissions crap. They have a special filter that catches burned diesel instead of the fluid to keep cost down. But said the mower will shut down when and if you don't take it to get serviced. Your dealer will have to send it to John Deere to have it destroyed. That's what my dealer told me. Personally I have no idea how true it is.
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    Not saying anything bad about JD but I think they are over price and you are buying just the green paint.

    Far as getting parts for your Scag why are you waiting on a dealer, faster buying on line. There so many places to get parts and most of the time even with shipping they are same price or cheaper then a dealer.
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    Get it. Sounds like a good deal. Cheap price for the JD and good trade in for your Scag.

    The same JD, used with 90-350 hours, is selling for the new price they gave you.
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    I do agree that sometimes you are paying more for the green color of JD, but in the case of the 997 diesel mower it's worth every penny. I currently have 5 of them and have had more in the past. They are the great mowers. They are easy to service and maintain. There are only 2 belts on the whole machine. I have one that is 5 years old and still going strong, never had any problems with it or had anything break on it. I grease it once a week and keep up on the maintenance. I've used many types of mowers over the years gas and diesel and the 997 is by far the best. It's smooth, always cuts great and has never ran out of power, which I can't say about other mowers, even diesels. If your going to be using it yourself every day I'd suggest the suspension seat. As far as the new diesel emissions I was told that they weren't making any changes until the 2014 997's come out. These mowers are a bit heavier but it's never been a problem for us. I have one of my residential crews using a 997 for doing grass cutting. And mine have been running under a gallon an hour on diesel fuel. That is a great price for the one your looking at.
  7. nashlawn01

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    Hey classic so the 997 doesn't rut lawns in spring when it's swampy and wet? How does it stripe?
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    A 7 Iron is a 7 Iron, no matter which machine it is on. They all stripe excellently if set up correctly with the right pitch for your grass type(s).

    The 60" 997 weighs in at 1774 with the 60" SD deck, not 2K. The 72" isn't that much heavier. This year they offer a MOD deck for the 997 too. The rear tires are larger than what you have on your TT (another great machine IMO), so they add to the flotation a little.
  9. ClassicLawnCareInc

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    They won't rut any more than any mower riding on a wet swampy lawn. if it's wet enough to leave ruts any mower will.
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    run like hell if a mower ever has a DPF on it!

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