Would you walk away from an account over dog droppings?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by kennymo81, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. kennymo81

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    3 out of my twenty customers leave dog droppings all over the yard to the point where it is unavoidable. I have considered dropping the customers even though they are decent paying and reliable accounts. Am I over-reacting or has anyone else dropped customers because of this same problem?
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  2. StanWilhite

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  3. Monroe74

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    Offer to pick up the dripping for an extra charge.
  4. Yup, I would most def walk away. I am not a dog crap removal service and I think it is disrespectful when people do that. If they can't clean up after the dog, I can't take care of the property.
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  5. cgaengineer

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    I just run it over and leave a stink cloud after I leave...
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  6. mowerman90

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    Find a large load and make sure to drive over it with one of your drive wheels. Then drive across the sidewalk by their front door making sure that you leave a deposit for them to step in. If they complain tell them it's unavoidable, what with the condition they leave their yard in. If they decide to clean up, the problem is solved. If they don't then drop'em!
  7. clydebusa

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    I have 2 to drop this next year. One account I have had for 4 years. They had a couple little dogs no big deal. But this last summer they bought a blood hound. This thing makes piles a elephant would be proud of and digs in the yard. Time to go!
  8. pseudosun

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    I almost started a thread on this, but got sidetracked. I picked up a lady customer who realized that her dog left alot of poop, and she said that she'd try to scoop it up before i got there. As with alot of things, she gradually tapered off, and doesn't even do it anymore. Also, she must be aware because she scurries in the house and avoids me while motioning to me that the check is under the mat. I made a joke about it to try to get my point across, but it seemed to anger her, and she said "o well, i'll try" or something like that. I don't think it will change with this customer. The only question is if i'm gonna take this "crap" :) anymore. The answer is no.
  9. H & M Yard Improvements

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    I had one customer that I dropped because of dog **** on the yard! I told him that you need to clean up after your dog prior to service! He said why don't I give you an extra $5 per visit if you pick it up! I felt kind of insulted by that. My partner said to him: It's your dog, you clean it up and that it only takes 2 mins to go walk behind your dog with a scooper or bag or whatever! I told him we weren't a dog waste removal company. These people also had kids that played in the yard too. You would think that they would clean up with having kids and all.
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  10. kennymo81

    kennymo81 LawnSite Member
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    Im glad im not the only one heated up about this topic. Im definitely dropping these customers. One or two piles I can take but some of these lawns are ridiculous. Nothing worse than trying to hose crap out of your tires at the end of the day.
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