Would you wash these stones?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Hotty Toddy, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. Hotty Toddy

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    I’m putting in a landscape for this north facing facade. You can see mildew on the stone edging, porch, and even the house itself.

    would you clean the stone edging or leave it as a patina? What would you do or recommend regarding the mildew on the house? 8E5ECCFC-41BF-4137-B04F-8E7992692FA6.jpeg 8C4D2B19-D0CF-4392-B775-10419D33F671.jpeg
  2. hal

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    Get a bleach/soap mix in a spray bottle and spray them, water down all areas first, wait about 20 minutes, rinse everything off, might need a little pressure, if need be do it twice.
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  3. phasthound

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    Then you must reduce the source of moisture that is causing the fungal growth.
  4. Mowing monkey.

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    Like rain? The only way I know to help would be to reduce shade and get rid of the mulch in favor of stone.
  5. RigglePLC

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    Mildew is fungus. Try a fungicide. Maybe an inexpensive copper fungicide would work. Lichens-maybe.
    Or--could be algae on the stones. Maybe an algicide would suit the situation. Try Roundup and various types of vegetation killer--diquat or Scythe.



    for most mosses:
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  6. OP
    Hotty Toddy

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    CD2FBE9C-DD90-491B-BFAB-F6880486F339.jpeg 4C7DDAD2-88CC-4BAA-953D-95262CEAF8FD.jpeg I sprayed with bleach a test spot today. I used a 1:6 mixture of Clorox Outdoor Bleach and water (can’t for the life of me find the concentration of this bleach).

    I wet down the stones. Applied. Waited about 15 minutes. Rinsed. These are the results.
    Should I go with a stronger dilution? Or just do several applications? I’ll be working on the landscape next week and have a few days on site.
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  7. That Guy Gary

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    You can go heavier on the bleach, 50/50 is effective. You'll need to scrub with a stiff nylon brush too.

    You can also use vinegar straight or 1 cup borax in 3 gals hot water. I'd avoid the vinegar around grass though. You can use the borax around grass if you saturate it first and flush it when done, this should prevent burning.

    Let whatever solution you use soak for 15 minutes, scrub, rinse, repeat if needed.
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