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WOW! Big job

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by little green guy, Oct 22, 2001.

  1. little green guy

    little green guy LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 955

    I had one of my customers call me today and siad he had a job for me. He said "If you give me a good price i'll let you do it" :eek: Man was I exited :rolleyes: He wanted some hedges cut, about 15 min of work that means nothing to me, I'd rather not waste my time. On the message he made it seem like it was an honor to cut his hedges. This guy also just had a $10,000 deck put in and another $6,000 worth on landscaping and didn't even give me any of the work. The guy is always complaining how he has no money but yet he just got 16,000.00 worth of work down. Just keep smokin' whatever ur smokin buddy. I'm so sick of these stupid customers, it's rediculouis
    sorry i just had to vent
  2. 65hoss

    65hoss LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 6,360

    Life and business is too short to deal with anger. Toss him.
  3. kutnkru

    kutnkru LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,662

    This is just some food for thought - not meant to belittle your operation. If you are servicing clients who seem to be getting alot of other types of work done then you need to branch out with the help of some local contacts.

    I have an ex-brother-in law who does building/remodeling and he gives me a % of every deck I refer to him. he has also gone so far as to keep me busy if and when the lawns brown out during a drought.

    The more business relationships we build the better off we are. I have a client who asked me about a carport - Jeff got the job and in Dec weather permitting its x-mas funds to roll in.

    I have made contacts with tree co., excavation outfits, trucking firms, concrete/masonry people, and the list continues.

    Bottom line is this: If they need it done I refer them to a reputable contractor that can service their needs above and beyond my reach so that no one can slander our name and try to underbid or slide past us.

    Keep your shop a one-stop-shop and your clients will swear by you to everyone!

  4. casey

    casey Guest
    Messages: 0

    Specialize...specialize...specialize...less headaches...less hassles...less overhead.
  5. kutnkru

    kutnkru LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,662

    The problem with specializing in all these services would mean that your mowing outfit would have to be called an Enterprise - LOL!!!

    This would put you into some pretty steep overhead figures as well vs. sub-contracting out what you are not equipped to do. Should you learn as much as possible at what services you offer or sub-contract??? Absolutely!!!

    Knowledge is power and we all that that beside every knowledgeable man stands a beautiful model - LOL!!! (something like that anyway)

  6. bubble boy

    bubble boy LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,020

    no overhead involved in referring a firm to my customers. little hassle. headaches, not for me. i dont do the other work, i refer people that do, and do it well.

    knowing someone who does, say, fencing and decks can help as he or she will be meeting new home owners who may need my firms service.

    "you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours."

    kutnkru has it bang on.
  7. little green guy

    little green guy LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 955

    I agree Kutnkru, acually I have just about any contact you can think of. My Dad is a Building contractor with a realy good rep., so i now alot of people through him, masons, carpenters, roofers, siders, truckinng companies, excavting companies (i do finish landscape for a couple excators). Plus I have built relationships on my own with alot of other companies. I agree that it's important to have good contacts with other companies. Like you siad one hand washes the other. When i need a favor or something, thiers always someone I can go to and I help them out too.

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