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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Jim Corcoran, Jan 5, 2002.

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    For the past 7 or 8 years I have been doing strictly lawn mowing. It has been small commercial lots. It included cutting,trimming,and cleanups. Now I have decidd to expand a little,and I am bidding on a large factory site. I have the equipment to mow,trim,ect. The problem lies in the fact they will want it fertilized 3 times a year. They just seeded a field that is the size of about 3 football fields. They did this in the last part of Oct. the grass has come up well. I have no problem getting the equipment I need to do this(fert,spray,ect),but am a little overwelmed when reading everyone's posts on what to use,when,and how much.
    My questions to you is
    #1 In the state of Michigan,will I need to get a license?
    #2 Should I be buying spreaders or sprayers for behind the tractor?
    #3 What kind of pricing for service? I know how I will price the other.
    #4What types of chemicals would you use on this type of property(especially the new part),and when?
    I am sure I will have other questions over time,but enough overload. I would like to manage this large area so that I could suggest to them that it would be good to use for employees use,ie: picnics,ect. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    in ohio, you need a license to apply anything with the exception of straight fertilizer. if this is your first time fertilizing, and this will be the only account you fertilize this coming season, i would suggest you go get study packet from michigan department of agriculture. then after thorougly studying up, go take the test. if this is the only account you intend to maintain this year, maybe you should sub out the fertiizing this season until you know more about fertiizer application. the majority of our fertilizer products are bought from LESCO. although basic fertilization is common sense, sometimes there are specific instances where experience is necessary. IE certain diseases, pests, and fungus. the info im giving may seem kind of vague, but just throwing out chemical names and application rates may be more confusing than helpful to you at this point.
  3. Jim Corcoran

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    Ok, I will get study packet. I can see that liquid ferts is probably what everyone is using. I have looked at various tanks/sparyers. There are a lot of different sizes. I would like to use a towbehind sprayer. Is a 25 gallon too small? I thought rather than have a big tank in the back of a trauck at this point. I would rather just mix what I need on site for this one account. At least until I get a better handle on all of this. I know that most of you do not use Deere products,but that is what I have,and comfortable with. I have a F911,445,425,48 WB,(2)21WB,plus the usual handhelds.
    Deere makes a 25 gal pull behind sprayers with wands. Would this be too small?
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    I am from Howell Mi. I know that you must be totally overwhelmed. contact me and i will be glad to help.

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