Wow, looks good, but leaking water...

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by MowingisMaddness, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. gene gls

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    OK, so what was the problem?
  2. XStream Aquatics

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    I'll let AJ explain just in case I misunderstood Gary when we talked.
  3. rkab

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    Right off the bat, my first question is, how sure are you that you do not have a puncture of the liner? The rate of water loss makes me think you got one somewhere...

    Other than that, it is all about the lips and order of placement like mentioned previously.

  4. XStream Aquatics

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    where the bulk head went thru the liner got pulled to tight and caused the liner to stretch below the seal leaving a gap.
  5. MowingisMaddness

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    Man I lost my butt trying to find the leak on this water feature. Gary is right. It was leaking around the bulk head, but that was only a small leak.

    The big leak was on the upper pool, in the 90 where the concrete retaining wall caps come together. We must have over looked it a dozen times. The liner was all folded up and looked good. One of the folds had been slit, so it would lay down better. When the pumps were turned on the water level would raise over the cut an inch.

    It was so easy to miss. The corner and liner looked so good, but when it was completely unfolded that little slit in the wrinkle was slit just one inch too far :hammerhead::hammerhead::hammerhead:
  6. STL Ponds and Waterfalls

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    LOL! Not to laugh but I feel your pain. I had a leak this spring that took hold of me for a month. Our spring was record rain (probably for you as well) that made it impossible to locate the leak. It eneded up being a folded low edge that I overlooked a dozen timesbecause I was certain it wasn't a low edge. Always go back and check your low edges where a fold has been made.
  7. Venturewest

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    This was a great technical trouble shooting thread. Thanks to everybody that shared on here. Larry, those were awesome diagrams.

    I have two questions:
    If you have your liner laying basically flat behind your vertical wall, how do you keep water from migrating horizontally well beyond your liner. Obviously gravity is on your side, but it seems like one little ripple in the liner could send the water out 15 feet. I guess the roll in the liner ,that you mentioned Larry, edges stops this? I would like to see a pic of that.

    The other thing I am facing is: how do you cover yourself enough to compensate for water features that do have a leak and have be taken apart?

    I have had several features that initially lose water. I get totally freaked out because I think, "What if there is a hole under a 2000# rock?" Fortunately it has always been a simple matter of adjusting the liner on the edges of the falls or bog. But on a $20,000 water feature what if you have to tear it apart? Any ideas?

    Thanks again for a great thread.
  8. XStream Aquatics

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    I always use underlayment under the liner and alot under my boulders on top of the liner. We never add a leak factor to the price. Use the right equipment to set the boulders and use plenty of protection under big boulders. I tell my guys "Hey if you do something on accident behind my back let me know when it happens so I can fix it instead of a tear down later." Or if I'm uncertain on something then I usually won't do it, I'll just find another way.
    As far as rolling your edges, it's is really tricky on segmental retaining walls due to the staggard blocks. I like to use special weirs for my falls on any type of brick/block work.
    The use of a transit on any and every part of your liner definetly keeps you from going back and having to chase down a low spot. Spend the time while building, it's so much easier than tearing apart.

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    Thats was great info thanks for the pics and the way it turned out
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    My question is : Do I install the liner up the block wall behind the cultured stone that is going to be mortared on the block wall. The waterfall is going over the wall into the pond below. This is a first for me and could use all the help I could get. I have done several ponds and waterfalls but never one going over a wall like this.
    Thanks David

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