Wow Lotsa Mulch 60 Yards worth


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Got a call today from a nice women over in my area who said she needed some mulch....boy o boy did she. Her house is in a wooded area so not much grass will grow so she did her what would be yard in mulch. Measured it up and it was about 10,000sq ft of mulch! She said she wanted it 2" thick, so according to thats 62 Yards of mulch!! She wants the extra fine dark mulch, which is about 22 dollars a yard, so I figure Im going to have 2grand in it, and quoted her for 4grand seeing Im going to be taking a couple days witha couple helpers for this job. She was going to get 2 more estimates she said too. Am I a lowballer or should I be happy with my 2 stacks and run?


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That breaks down to $64.52/yd installed; $42.52/yd profit before other expenses are taken out. It sounds like you'll make out well if she accepts your bid. I don't know about your area but here it is possible to sub-contract someone with a mulch blower to install mulch for around $40/yd including the price of the mulch. You may want to check into this as a $24.52/yd profit with no physical labor by yourself would be pretty attractive. Good luck.


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Originally posted by Groundcover Solutions
Mulch blowing is the way to go. Save you time and money pluse you don't have to lift a finger!!!
Darn right!!! I sub out all my jobs over 15 yards to a local mulch blower although I do all the prep work such as edging. We both make out and it frees me up to do the smaller more profitable mulch jobs.

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62 yards isn't that big.... Try over 200 on one residential job.

Did that one about 2 years ago for my former employer. All edging done by hand, many straight, and I mean STRAIGHT edges had to be cut. We were there about a week with a crew of 8-10 guys and three trucks.

Nothing like backing a crew cab F450 across the yard leapfrogging plywood as it moves... Don't miss that at all!

But, I haven't had to do that recently. 62 yards is a big one, good luck with it!



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The bark blowing firms here charge $25 per yard. But our Fir bark mulch is only $13 to $17 a yard to buy. We did a mulch job last weekend. 30 yards in shrub beds with 3 men using wheel barrow. Took us 6.5 hours, including drive time to get 3 truck loads of bark. I charged the customer $900 for the job.

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A lady called me yesterday and said she needs 25-30 yards, but does not like the appearance of blown in mulch.. She would rather have it physically applied.. I Was kinda surprised, but at the same time have seen blown in jobs where the mulch is packed down and not very thick.. As long as they realize the price difference and are willing to pay..

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In my extremly biased openion the blown in mulch looks much better than hand applied. Much more even and if properly cleaned up the edge is great and the beds are more evenly distributed with mulch thus giving better coverage by fewer yards saving you time and money. (sorry for the sales pitch)