WOW! More Press-Time.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lazer, Sep 19, 2000.

  1. Lazer

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    Oh, pipe down!

    You're just cross 'cuz you got rained out today! ;)

    I e-mailed it to

    (couldn't get it in .jpg format, even though I told it to!)
  2. bdemir

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    Is there any way that it can be put here too. Would be cool.

  3. Eric ELM

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    The Turf article is sort of wide, so I'm just posting a link to it so it doesn't make this thread page wide. Here is the link.
  4. Eric ELM

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  5. JK

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    This is Jim at TURF magazine. I also saw Landscape Management's plug of lawnsite. Looks great. Here's hoping all the magazines tell their readers about this site. Check out the October issue of TURF if you are a subscriber. We're starting a column. You'll recognize the comments ... but we won't be using names (to protect the innocent?).
  6. stslawncare

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    big day for me today! got my first landscaping mag and it was landscape management! and what do i see on page 22? lawnsite! good article!!! i love the magazine! guido did u notice your name is in it :))) of course erics is all over it!
  7. Jerrys Lawn Service

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    I got my copy in the mail today too! It made me proud to be
    a Lawn Site member!

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