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  1. Bunton Guy

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    Since I have gotten my first welder I have really loved welding it seems metal is quite expensive by me. I went to get a sheet of 4X8 Expanded steel the same thickness as the bottom floor of a trailer and they wanted like 75 bucks for it ! and then I went to purchase 2"X2" tube steel it came in 20' sections they wanted 65bucks for that 20' section. And all I can think is man that stuff goes quick when you make something of decent size. Am I paying to much ?
  2. bob

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    I hear ya! I bought a welder last summer. A 2x2x48" angle iron at Home Depot is something like $16. I need it to re-enforce some areas on my trailer.
  3. 1grnlwn

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    Get out of the suburbs guys. Expanded metal is a tough one, but I think I payed 48 for 4x8 and that is cheap. Angle and tube should be around $1 a foot max. Look for companys that are steel erectors. Or suppliers to steel erectors. Where I buy is a scrap yard that deals in new metal too. Just keep looking. In my opinion once you find a place that sells say 1x1 angle cheapest, they will sell most everything cheapest. You got to approach these guys like you halfway know what you are doing, If you call for pricing spec everything and don't ask their opinion. (this seams to frustrate them) tell them you make a lot of equip for the biz and need a good supplier. Go in looking like sh!#. Its a dirty place and you want to fit in. Man I hate the coporate chain stores!

    Mark Sorry if to intense!
  4. The Mowerdude

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    I'm exactly with 1grnlwn on this one. Around here metal is outrageous everywhere except the "right" place. It's the place where everyone else buys their metal and then they mark it up. They sell to anyone and at any amount and are the nicest guys around. But man are they huge. Everytime I'm down there, there are 18 wheelers full of metal going in and out. They even have a railroad spur coming into the building.

    Just keep your ears open and ask around. Eventually, someone will tell you who it is in your area.
  5. captdevo

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    look in your area for a company called 'Capitol Steel' they are nation wide....they offer the best prices i've found!!
  6. IH Cub Cadet

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    We have a place in Ft. Wayne, IN that is called C. Henry Surplus Steel. All steel is between 15-20 cents per pound. Load your trailer, jump on a scale a pay up. It is great!!!!! Real nice owner too.

  7. SDlawndawg

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    There's a couple places here in town that sell steel at decent prices. Seems like I'm bothering them when I buy such small amounts. They usually sell to big business's. Oh well. They are nice to me and even load it in my truck.
  8. Bunton Guy

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    From what I have herad alot of the metals in my area are sold in 20 foot they cut them down for you ?
  9. longviewlawncare

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    some places will cut it for free, some will charge, some will not do it at all. That is what i have seen from dealing with 4 different companys trying to find the right one.

    SCAPEASAURUSREX LawnSite Senior Member
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    Expanded mesh

    A 4 ' x 8' sheet here is $80.oo from a local welding shop ...

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