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Discussion in 'Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by White Gardens, Feb 22, 2012.

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    My son is just 3 years away from.that age. He spends his online time with Lego, club penguin, star wars and things like that.

    I keep telling him the biz all yours someday....? Whenever grandpa hears that line he gets upset. Topic for another thread....
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  2. GreenI.A.

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    The adds on here aren't bad at all compared to most other forum sites. Yes the JD pop up add is annoying and I would love to see that go. Most forums I go on have adds between every couple of posts, takes a page that should be 2 pages long and turns it into 3. As far as paying, I would pay a few dollars if moderators checked the real time existence of a company and revenue, also if the site showed a bracket range the poster was in for it. Also moderators should regulate people posting the same question questions over and over, how many times do people have to ask weather they need insurance or not? Mods should ban the poster for a day or two for not searching first
  3. White Gardens

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    As for adressing the posters age and experience, I wouldn't be surprised if we see a change on that front due to that particular question presented in the survey that was sent to all the members.

    But, when you think about it, it might hurt LS if they created a specific forum for the more experienced LCO. Basically you would get all the top dogs in one section not contributing to the new members who are sincerely looking for help, and to me that is what this site is about.

    We already see the segregation in certain sections (which I will keep unnamed) where any new poster in those sections can potentially get berated by the members who only stay in those sections, thus keeping traffic down in those sections and possible new members searching for the answers on a different forum.

  4. GreenI.A.

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    I don't like the idea of a separate forum, like you said, new people wouldn't get the info they were looking for from other experienced people. What I don't like is the member level being based on post counts. There are 14 year olds with a season of mowing two neighbors lawns for $10 a week who are a higher level than a guy running a 2million+ operation with multiple crews and 40 years experience. If LS required you to show proof of your time in the industry and size of your business, then put that in place of your member level it would lead to more credibility for the posts.
  5. clydebusa

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    That is what I was talking about. Also I see no harm in looking but posting when your 8 years old mowing the neighbors yard is too much.
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    9 times out of 10 I will go on my phone to look up help or post something because of the no ads, i'm 15 and I pay my own cell phone bill $55 month because I didnt feel it was fair to have my dad pay for my android phone while I go spend my earnings elsewhere.
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    this pretty much sums it up right here. i like the ads, but what he said

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