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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bunton Guy, Dec 10, 2001.

  1. Bunton Guy

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    Boy Im jeleous of this one new outfit. This guy I had talked to was just working at a grocery store over the summer he is I think in the early 20's he bought a new cab over truck and a 61" ZTR 48" hydro scag w.b. & 36" hydro w.b and varous sweet new equipment and he just started from scratch..within 28 days of getting his business liscence and insured he said he had 45 residential customers & 20 commercial customers ....WOW amazing he has 2 helpers because he just got into doing some landscaping jobs. He had said he never had any background in mowing or landscaping he seems to be doing preety good. I have noticed he does take a little longer at each acount then me but that might be the key for him to keeping the jobs because when he drives away from his acounts they are spotless not a clipping on the street or sidewalks. The only part that disturbs me is he walked into one of my neighborhoods and walked out in the same day with 13 acounts 2 being old ones on mine that I let go last year. And on top of that I had done a residential bid for doing pine needles and lost it to someone else...the lady said my prices were to high. I had quoted her $7.50 per bail of pine needles and that she needed 123 bails. Which that comes out to being $922.50 for putting down pine needles in all of her beds. So this guy that I had met and was talken to had actually gotten the job. He quoted her 144 bails at 8.50 each she payed him 301.50 EXTRA !!!! how, why, did he get that job I have no clue. He did do a good job and I could have done the job just as good. This makes flames shoot out of my nose ! only mad at the customer not the scaper. He must have some real sales skills I have never seen or heard of someone doing as well as him in such a short period of time. :blob2: :cry: :angry: :mad:
  2. John from OH

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    I think you hit the nail on the head. Sales Skills, sadly lacking in our industry. Most lco's give the customer a price with little thought of how to present a total package to the client. How the client views us also affects how well we sell. Selling is getting them to sign at your price. Selling is just part of the total equation. He will need to provide outstanding service to go along with his selling skills and learn to handle the business end to make it long term. I've been in this long enough to see them come and go. The ones with the fastest growth seem to go down with the biggest flames.

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    Reminds me of what a marketing manager told me on the first day of my new job. Just get them to LIKE YOU, then they'll but everything in the book. How true.:rolleyes:
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    Bunton Guy:
    Yall get 7.50 a bale??? How do yall pull that off? How big are the bales? Going price down here for a bale is $3.50-5.00.
  5. KirbysLawn

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    Huh?? I pay $3.50 a bale and charge $7.00 for D&I, how or WHY would you charge $3.00-$5.00?:confused:
  6. Bunton Guy

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    Yeah I buy them for around 3.50-3.75 so I charge the same amount to put them down...all comes out to 7.50 a bail that icludes application...
  7. fshrdan

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    Prices for pinestraw must be escalated in NC. I normally pay $2.75 delivered to my house. I charge customers $5.50 per bale spread. For big jobs I don't want to fool with, I'll get the Mexican that sells me the straw to spread it too. He charges me $4/bale, so I get $1.5/bale to do nothing. I really like that.
  8. KirbysLawn

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    Most of the pineneedles come from Ga, they go thru a few more middle men before they get here so we do pay a little more than ya'll GA boys.
  9. LawnPro in NC

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    My straw prices just Went UP. I am getting it for 3.50 and was Picking up and spreading for 5.00. 1.50 per bale to spread. just went up today as a matter of fact to 6.50.

    Bunton Tell him about Lawnsite
  10. Richard Martin

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    Bunton Guy wrote:
    He quoted her 144 bails at 8.50 each she payed him 301.50 EXTRA !!!! how, why, did he get that job I have no clue.

    Who told you that he got $8.50 a bail? The customer or the new guy with the all of the new equiptment bills? If you believe everything that he tells you then I have some Florida swamp land to sell you too.

    If he picked up 45 residentials and 20 commercials in one month I have only one thing to say. LOWBALLER.

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