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    I picked up a new customer the other day. She gave me an idea of what I was coming up to over the phone but I was still surprised when I got there. She has had the worst luck in trying to get a good maintenance, chemical company.

    Started with a maintenance company, she asked the "worker" to get an estimate. He didn't quite understand, language barrier. She said she came home the next day and not only was her lawn cut, but scalped, BAD, and she didn't even know what they charged. Then they came out again and she stopped them and told them to forget it.

    She had a chem company, small guy apparently just starting out, which she liked the idea of, who did great at the beginning. She said her lawn was brand new and beautiful. Well, as time went on weeds started showing up. He would take care of the broadleaf but apparently had no idea what to do when it came to grassy weeds. She has goose grass growing wild in her bermuda up front and half her fescue in the rear has been dominated by centipede grass. She said the guy said there was nothing he could do about either one, then stopped answering his phone and dropped off the face of the earth.

    This is about as bad a story of the "previous company" I have heard. Usually it is just horrible customer service. Just thought I would pass this along to yall, shows what kind of "lawn care companies" are out there.

    Rest assured she will be taken care of from this point on. Both chems and maintenance.:cool:

    I am sure everyone has their stories, I never get tired of hearing them though. So please share.
  2. zemzabob

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    great story nice customer pick.
  3. DeepGreenLawn

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    Yeah, like I said, I get some version of this just about everyday, a lot of times, multiple versions from multiple prospects daily. This was just the extreme.

    Great thing is, kind of, is that even though I get about an average of 5 calls a day for new customers I don't get all of them. A lot keep looking and turn me down, that tells me I am not the lowest person on the street. I don't want the people that want the lowest price, I want the people that are willing to pay for good service and know what they are getting for the price. You get the penny pincher and they will be off to the next lowest guy to come along. About 90% of my customers are here to stay if not more, unless I really foul something up.
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    the thing of it is that most of these guys are in this for a quick$$$ thats not going to work, you have a good thing going , now dont go and do what every one else is doing, messing it up, sit back and let it all un fold, as they fall of the chem wagon your there to soften there fall.
  5. Gardens55

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    It's a good job she has found you!
  6. DeepGreenLawn

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    I got word today, I picked up another customer that had another mind boggling story.:dizzy: They had some patches in the lawn, if that's what you want to call it, it really just looked like drought stress to me. The other guys went to the maintenance company, who does all my maintenance, and told her she needed to start catching her clippings from now on. This is second hand info but they basically said that it was her fault.:nono: Then they said that there was nothing they could do about the problem, they thought it was some outragous disease, and to just let it run its course. :confused:

    OK, whatever, just another easy sale. Just keep them coming. payup

    Hey treegal, ever want to give the guys a little nudge?:waving:
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    there are more hit and miss guys out there since the economy got worse.they buy a mower and a weadeater and a $10 sprayer and their LCOs instantly.
  8. DeepGreenLawn

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    Just makes the customers appreciate our true companies and practices that much more. I had a flyer, someone printed off a peice of paper, on my mailbox about a month ago. $10 for aeration AND fertilizer. I just laughed. I couldn't even get mad at that.
  9. treegal1

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    its like sh*t and ice-cream, you dont have to be an expert to see the difference!!!

    and to give them a nudge, yeah that's another story, the phill is 6'6 and 245 hes an expert nudger!!!

    his favorite saying " come scare me in the street "
  10. MJS

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    Oh my gosh. . . is that two cores pulled, and 20 grams of fertilizer? :hammerhead:

    I wonder how some guys even make money. . . or if they realize how much more they could make if they just did a little research.

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