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wreaths & basket weaving


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Got a customer who is a local member of some sort of a "Horticulture club". She's been following this site for some years. We got her renewal letter today, and she asked me why lawnsite.com does not have a forum regarding "basket weaving" and "wreaths". :confused:

So I'm throwing this back to lawnsite.com.

To me it's a joke & too funny, but I guess she has has a legitimate concern.

Will there be a "basket weaving" :laugh:category on lawnsite.com? Hope not, but still wondering.

BTW all funny feedback is welcome, but keep in mind she may be viewing too. :confused:


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Franklin Tn
Ummm, I don't think that the people on here will be able to help her much. Direct her to the Christmas tree and holiday section maybe?