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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dhunterd08, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. dhunterd08

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    Well 2 thursdays ago I was loading up my equipment. My 36 was parallel to my trailer, because I wanted to put the 48 on first. My neighbor and her daughter were leaving at the same time. They were parked almost back to back to each other, but there was a pretty large distance between them. Mother honked at daughter to go and daughter did the same thing. Finally mother pulls out and leaves. 2 min later her daughter slammed it i reverse and backed into the 36 lodging it under the trailer. She says she wants to pay out of pocket and I finally got a estimate today 600 in parts plus labor so probably like 1k-1200. I know it will destroy a 16yr olds insurance, but i wrecked at 16 too and it took me 2 months to make enough to get my truck repaired and I am still payig for it in insurance. Its just one of those things My mechanic didnt know someone else was paying for it and said he just straightened it out best he could, but mower still pulls to one side a little bit. What should I do? Just take it as is or make her pay the full amount? The problem is we leave in condos and load up early in the mornin sometimes and I know my neighbors hate me as is. I dont want the HOA to get involved and mess up the set up I have. Look at pictures to see how I was parked. Was I in the wrong too. If so how much? She was parked in second spot on curb in pictures



  2. fl-landscapes

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    were you parked outrageously reckless.....no. Were you parked (especially the mower off the trailer hard to see) as cautiously as possible....probably not. Bottom line I would say it was her fault and if she is willing to pay then get it fixed properly at as minimal cost to her as you can. If you feel a little at fault for parking the mower off the trailer where she may not have been able to see it in her rear view then offer to split it.
    Some might say you should have had a cone?
  3. dhunterd08

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    let me clarify parking areas. She was parked directly in front of that pink/orange square. maybe a little closer to curb. Mower was exactly parallel to trailer, and it was touching trailer. Handle bars even with gate.
  4. FiveOJoe

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    I'd probably split it with her, or have her pay a portion and not turn it into insurance, giving her the benefit of the doubt that I shouldn't have left the mower there. She probably has some vehicle damage too?? Probably make her life a lot easier, which is a nice thing to do if you can afford it.

    I had a kid drop a forklift blade on a trailer fender once, denting the fender pretty bad. I knew if I made a big deal about it the kid would get fired, so I just let it go.
  5. kbrashears

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    Part of being a good driver is knowing your surroundings. Always look at what's behind you before entering the vehicle. Then check and double check your mirrors.

    People are in too big a hurry driving these days. They are totally irresponsible. Very few people realize just how dangerous it is to drive.

    It's her fault. Completely her fault. She should pay for all of it.
  6. Coastal Lawn Maintenance

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    According to dmv you are supposed to be with in 18inch of the curb. i always set up cones when parked. also i would never leave a mower on the outside of the trailer like that either behind it. but still she did the hitting. and if you want to be nice i would cover half of it but really it up to you.
  7. MileHigh

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    In my opinion, who cares about the 16 year olds insurance or situation?..

    Get your mower fixed right, and have that little snot pay for it one way or the other.

    But from looking at the pics....you should have parked the 36" on the other side of the trailer, or even in the driveway...It's not like the 48" needs that much room to get on there.
  8. mowerbrad

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    As much as I would rather be the "nice guy" in all situations, this is one situation where the other driver is completely at fault.

    The girl who ran into your mower should have been more observant of her surroundings.

    I know you said she is a neighbor, so that may be something to take into consideration, you wouldn't want to create any extra tension between you and neighbors.
  9. dhunterd08

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    What if I cant afford it lol. The only options are. She pays for the damages or I take the mower that still pulls to one side a little bit and she pays one hour of labor(75). I understand though. I cant touch something without breaking it, but I ALLWAYS INFORM PEOPLE AND PAY FOR IT. I mean she did bust the whole right side of the trailer light bulb, wires, etc and I just bought a kit and had a guy rewire the whole thing. I just ate that, but we arent talking about a cosmetic issue. I dont care about that at all, unless its my truck. When i pulled the mower out one hydro was spinning uncontrollably and right side wouldn't go in reverse. I honestly just want to let it go, but my uncle(runs LCO as well) is on me about making her pay the whole thing. But I would want somebody to give me a break too. I will probably hit something with the mower/trailer/etc in the next month or so anyway.
  10. dhunterd08

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    I mean it is what it is. Needless to say I dont park it anywhere but the driveway anymore, but i couldnt behind trailer because it is blocking next driveway and other side is not wide enough in between curb and further to left is other persons driveway. Driveway was best place yet, but a 7 ft wide garage doesnt leave much room for backing out the 48.

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