wrench size to change my blades out on my exmark E series?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by olebrooklawn, May 5, 2011.

  1. knox gsl

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    I have a series 4 deck on my WB, assuming that both you mower with a series 4 deck and my WB use the same spindle then it will be 15/16. I use a breaker bar, impact socket and 2x4 block to change mine takes about 5 minutes, but if you have an impact maybe 2 minutes. Also just drive one of the front wheels up the ramp of your trailer for easy safe access to the deck.
  2. olebrooklawn

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    thank you very much. what I was looking for.
  3. Patriot Services

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    Left hand or right hand?
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  4. olebrooklawn

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    right handed.
  5. ed2hess

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    If you have an impact why do you hold the other end:confused:
  6. knox gsl

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    I thought the same thing.
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    dang need help with that and you are mowing lawns:hammerhead:
  8. tacoma200

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    The X series uses a 3/4 socket. You need to use a torque wrench and not tighten them any tighter than 55-60 lbs. Exmark uses a spline bushing to keep the blade from self tightening when it hit's something or during mowing. Definitely do not use an impact wrench on an Exmark if it has the spline bushing. All it takes is one hand to hold the blade and they come off very easily with a ratchet. There should be a warning sticker on the deck that tells you the amount of torque to use. Also use copper based anti-seize on bolts.

    This is assuming they are the same as the X series.
  9. knox gsl

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    They aren't the same. Impact coming off and ratchet to put them back on. I do like the splined mounts better, I catch hell trying to break the bolts loose on my WB and my ZTR is effortless.
  10. StanWilhite

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