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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jsf343, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. jsf343

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    I am going to be buying either a 36" stander or 36" sentar soon, I am just waiting for a deeper seasonal discount. For those who have either of these mowers I am wondering the following...

    1. which is more comfortable? (I am 6'5" and have lower back issues at times, so I need something that is halfway smooth in ride) which is the easiest to use? I have heard the senter is.

    2. does anybody have the mulch kit that they use? do you use it year around? if not, how easy is it to remove? Also, how well does it work? do you generally use the stock blades or go with some other kind of blade combination??

    thanks for the feedback
  2. lawns Etc

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    Thr rapid height controls are a little higher than the Sentar Sport so that may be more comfortable and I had both and never really used the seat although its a nice seat. I installed the mulch kit and the cut was not as good as discharge and its a pain to constantly remove so I kust left it out.Blades the stock ones ore OK but there is a big difference if you use Scag Hi Lifts wide 3" All in all they are ane awesome machine
  3. jsf343

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    thank you for the info!
  4. delphied

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    I dont own either but I demoed both and like both. The seat on the Sentar Sport is far more comfy to ride than a conventional Zturn IMHO. I must say that I think I would go with a regular stander if my yards were not too large.The Sentar Sport isnt as comfy to stand on. I believe standing is the best thing for the bad back. The reason I didnt get a Wright was that the closest dealer was 60 or 70 miles away.
  5. CustomKare

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    6'1 here and I have both a RH Stander and Sentar. Took the seat off the Sentar....no need for it. I feel more efficient standing. For a taller guy the Stander has a better feel. However, I use my 36" Sentar the most because it is so nimbe I hardly have to trim with that baby.

    Buy one and don't look back
  6. TheBigGW

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    I have a stander 52 the ride is very nice I am 6'2 and have had 3 back surgeries. Good luck you WILL not go wrong buying a stander or sentar both excellent machines....
  7. heybruck34

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    CustomKare - Can you elaborate on why you took the seat off your Sentar?

    I have demoed the Stander and the Sentar. Clearly the Stander is more compact and probably the most efficient design. The Sentar is more of a sitting machine with the ability to stand but probably (IMO) not that comfortable due to the differences in design. The Sentar controls are much more vertical than those of the Stander which are leaned forward over the engine.

    Basically, I'm asking how you found the Sentar more efficient to stand on (by removing the seat) vs your RH Stander?

    I am looking to buy a 48"/23hp Sentar in the next couple weeks as well. I have a bad knee and the doc recommended I sit more when possible.
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  8. jsf343

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    great feedback from all of you, thanks I appreciate it.

    I was wondering why you would remove the seat as well. Can't the seat on the Sentar just fold back up against the machine or do you hve to stradle it?

    also, do both cut equally in wet lush conditions? (say early spring, late fall)
  9. CustomKare

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    I took the seat off because I wanted my employee at the time to pay more attention for hazards and I felt standing up you are more aware. I since then went back to solo and I like not having the seat on there. I could fold it up but it rubs on the knees and I just didn't use it.

    If you have a bad knee or back.....you will find the seat is very comfortable. It is nice also to sneak under trees while sitting.

    As far as the cut in wet conditions....you can expect clumping in the older machines like mine 2005 But I believe they improved the deck design by adding a baffle. I play around different grass types with blades. I still find there is no substitute for a double cut. A double cut will give you exmark quality, single cut, I've seen better.

    Great time savers though....no regrets
  10. CustomKare

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    Bruck, you're looking at the machine I want. a 48 with a 23!!

    My 52 has a 19 and it's a dawg. My 36 has a 17 and it is awsome.

    I'll use my 52 for light growth and fininsh work while my 36 blazes through everything. The 48 with a 23 would have the power also.

    Good luck

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