Wright fixed deck machines?


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Looking to get 2 matching machines this year for the business. This will be our first set of new, matched mowers that will be intended for employee use. I’m a Ferris guy but can’t help but to be impressed by the quality of cut and longevity of Wright standers. I’m currently looking at 2 large frame 48 or 52 inch standers with the fixed deck. Is this the (w)right choice? I’d like to have a machine that is fool proof and is built like a tank. Any input is appreciated, thanks!


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Flowing. I am looking into a 36 fixed deck standard. At my job we have the stander x and zk units and they are nice machines. Have not used the fixed deck ones but I a. Sure they are built just as well.


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Makes sense to me that a fixed deck machine is overall more rigid w/ less wear points, and is lighter overall. Of course, though, not as easy to change cutting heights. Will imagine some areas of the country w/ several different regional grass types might require several cutting height changes/day.
Side note:
Fortunately, either my region or my customers don't have the need for these changes as I'm able to go from late April to late Oct in the 3.5"-4" realm bar none.


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You're only talking about 50lbs difference between a LF stander 48 vs a Stander X 48, so the weight is minimal but it's there.

I run a fixed deck 32" and it's been a great machine. The fixed deck units are solid and tend to have less issues overall. If you do need adjust height frequently you will want to keep a jack handy. Also keep in the mind that the fixed deck units take a bit of learning as they will scalp if you aren't careful since they do not run anti scalp wheels.

If you're looking for rock solid, minimal room for error from your employees i'd go with the fixed deck, they can't cut to high or two low if you already have it setup for them.

Also worth checking your trailer setup out. On my open trailer the ramp is a bit to steep for the 32" so I have learned to slightly wheelie to get it onto the platform. On my enclosed there is no issue with dragging or catching on the ramp, but it's something to note.

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