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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by truenorthlandscaping, Oct 2, 2006.

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    For you Wright junkies out there... Any of you running the 61" Stander? How's it compare to the 52"? Do you sacrifice on the amazing abilities & handling of the smaller deck for the production of the bigger? I've been in love w/the 52" Stander for 5 years now, & daily it continues to prove me right as it increases our productivity. Every trailer should have one, for those who've not seen the light, I'm sorry...
    Now for the bad news. Other than Ohio, the east coast, & maybe florida, does Wright's dealer support in the midwest basically suck for everyone else? Besides having huge issues w/going through blade belts on our 61" Sentars, parts are almost never available when needed. Dealers are almost non-existent around these parts, & trying to get the parts you need when needed is like pulling hens teeth. Am actually considering moving away from Wright on the Sentar (sticking w/the Standers though) & possibly going w/Hustler or Ex-Mark so we can at least get parts/support. It's sad to me that a company that's created such a genious product (Wright) has been outmarketted under the table 10-1 around here by an inferior product (Great Dane), & at least from where I'm standing doesn't take great care of its dealers...
    So, to summarize... Love the Standers. Anyone like the 61"'s? Anyone else been experiencing belt issues w/the Sentars? Anyone wish Wright was more of a presence in Johnny C. Mellancamp country? Bobby Gedd, have an opinion (been a long time actually, don't even know if he's still around here, or if he even exists for that matter...)? Thank you, good night.
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    Long ago I asked about the 61" standers...

    I didn't get good response. From what I understand, 52" is the sweet spot for that mower... pretty much ideal for the frame design.

    The complaints were about scalping from the larger 61" FIXED deck.
    If they made a "large frame" 61 or a 61 Rapid height it might be alright.

    On a side note, how old are the Sentars.
    Dunno if you know it, but some of those were problematic like that.
    They came out with a Sentar II that was supposed to resolve all that.

    The Sentar II looks the same, but has a hydro cooler over the engine and red linkages on the pumps...
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    You'll have to go to another lawn forum website to ask booby.
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    61" Standers are a waste of money. They used a 52" frame and added 9" to the deck. The scalping problems are greatly increased, even with a very experienced and talented operator. If you want a 60" deck, get a normal Z. 52" Standers are awesome, and I agree, should be on every trailer and many people haven't seen the light yet!

    In the time I've spent on a 61" Stander, they are nice if you are in just flat areas, but I think the added width and weight take away some maneuverability versus the 52" Stander.

    Bottom line: If you want a 60" deck for bigger areas get a normal Z. If you want a highly maneuverable, all purpose cutting machine, get a 52" Stander.

    On a side note...maybe the people from Wright can listen in, even though production costs would probably inhibit this from happening...give the 61" Stander it's own frame, that moves the tires closer to the edge of the deck, like on the 52" Stander, and you'll have another sweet product.
  5. jtkplc

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    Booby, now that's funny....should be bobby!
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    Yeah, if old Gedd is a real person I'm guessing mayhaps he's been kicked off this site, highly entertaining though. Anyways, we have 2 Sentars, both an older & a newer version as you described. We've been going through belts like nobody's business this year, on BOTH machines. Also, we buy aftermarket belts for $12-$15 vs. the $50+ for the 'Wright' belts, & it doesn't seem to matter, both machines are going through belts, rather eating them, at an equal rate, on the aftermarket & the Wright belts (I'm talking an average of 3/season vs. 12 in 2006 - so far!!!). I don't know if it's a temperature thing or if they're just not making rubber like they used to anymore. It's not something we can isolate, & my dealer is as perplexed as I am. We'll be mowing a smooth property, all of a sudden, belts tore up or broken. One machine has 550 hours, the other 650... I don't have a clue.
    Yes, the 52" is a sweet machine. What you were saying about the 61" confirmed my thoughts/questions, thanks for the feedback.
  7. Tharrell

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    That was intentional. He's on another, slower site now. Same thing he used to do here.
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    my 36 rh had a hydro cooler but they said there was a recall and the dealer put on an exhaust shield and took off the hydro cooler.
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    In my opinion when I had a 61" Stander for a demo I did'nt think that it scalped any worse then anyother 60" or 61" mower out there. Just my thoughts.

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