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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brucec32, Mar 19, 2003.

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    I just wanted to let Mr. Wright and Velke know, if they're watching the boards here, that I have made more than one email request for information at their website link sales@wrightmfg.com, and have received zero replies. You might want to light a fire under whomever is in charge of handling those. One was a question about grass gobbler brackets, which Mr. Velke answered here after I mentioned it, and another was a request for more information on the new Velke mower. I already passed on the velke mower in favor of a 32" toro because I wasn't impressed with the commitment level I saw for the launch. Some guys here with one or two employees have more highly developed websites. You know, sometimes those annoying email requests for brochures and whatnot actually pay off. How many emails can you afford to pay a person to answer for the lost income Wright would have made on that one sale? They shouldn't be ignored. If you don't want the emails, just pull the link off your website. One no-reply is an oversight. Two sounds like a problem. Costs for fancy websites and staff to handle emails are black and white, but there's no way your income statement will ever reflect lost sales from people who didn't even bother to check your mower out in the first place.

    I'm curious how we're supposed to be induced to buy your products over the multitude of competing models if we can't get even basic information on them, information that most other manufacturers have readily available in great detail on their websites. I can't imagine it takes many resources relative to the size of your sales to include a full set of stats on the mower on a web page. The velke turning video is interesting, but we don't mow on pavement and race driving a mower in circles bears little resemblence to real-world mowing conditions. For the bandwidth that must require, I bet you could put a lot of info up on the new mower showing customers why they should go check it out over the competiton.

    And please don't refer me to my closest dealer. It's an hour's drive away and there are a dozen brands competing for my dollars. I don't have time to visit each one to find out what size tires it has or how much it weighs or how long it is, to know if I should even consider it. Besides, my closest dealer didn't even have a stander on site to demo when I went by to check those out. I bought an Exmark Lazer Z hp instead. Woops, another lost sale.

    Wright isn't alone. I've had several requests for prices or info ignored by online dealers of accessories or mower manufacturers. Perhaps it's the spring rush. But I get busy this time of year too, and if I ignored a customer's call, I wouldn't expect to have them as a customer for very long.
  2. What's your question on the catcher? I have two Standers and use their Turbo 10 Catcher.
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    I wanted to know if I could use the grass gobbler I had from when I used an older Toro wb on an Exmark deck with a different mounting bracket. Jim Velke said "no". I suspect there's a way to fab one to work, though.

    They've been passed by in technology anyway, though. Too heavy for the volume they carry and I had more clogging problems than with my Exmark cloth bagger. I just wanted to use it on a backup mower. I'd recommend an aluminum accelerator for frequent use.

    Actually their Turbo 10 looks capable, and breaking down into two parts helps with the weight problem vs. capacity.
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    I too have sent a couple of requests to wright for info and No responce from them so I am done with them ! I will give my money to Great Dane for the Stand On Machines and Thanks to everyone on Lawnsite I think Exmark will be getting some money from me as far as Walkbehinds and Zero Turns are concerned !
    Why do they have a Web Site with the option of requesting information if they are not going to get it to you !
  5. Sorry bud, no idea about the Gobbler fitting on those other mowers. These Standers are my only mowers now, since I sold my Toro stuff. The Turbo 10 catcher is supposed to be much better performer than the Gobbler. That I couldn't say, because I've not used the Gobbler, but this Turbo 10 has yet to clog with leaves or grass. My dealer told me at the time, I had the only one in existence, LOL!
  6. brucec32

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    yeah, the new catcher seems to have better air flow. But I mostly mulch now. Thank you Exmark for showing me the light!

    I have a question since you've used standers. Is it possible to step off and walk behind the stander in spots or does it kill the engine as well as the blades?

    Seems like it'd be more handy for areas a ZTR can't handle if you could get off it when needed to help it through bad traction spots.
  7. You can't mow unless you're standing on the mower. You can easily move the mower around when you're walking behind it or whatever, to get it out of a jam. I've thought about disabling the kill-switch, but I've never had a circumstance where I needed to use them as a walk-behind. That is forbidden, but I may do it sometime in the future. I'll probably design a mechanism to enable/disable the kill-switch, because most of the time it's a good thing. But I've got too many irons in the fire for that right now.
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    You cannot get off of the Stander and walk behind it....that is a major problem.

    Try a Great Dane Super Surfer....it's faster, has a floating deck and you can get off the platform and still use the machine.

    The Great Dane Super Surfers have been awesome machines for me!!
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    Reasons as these are the reason that I bought a new Lazer last year and not a Sentar, there was another sale. Shortly after my purchase was when they stopped having a manufacturer forum on here. Just thought that I would note by experience for others to see.
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    I am glad that Wright puts their time into making a great product. I have been in this business a long time, and have not found a better product than the stander. It is a safety feature that you can not cut while walking behind the machine. Think of liability. Sometimes we don't look at the whole picture.

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