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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by esshaki, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. esshaki

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    In a previous post, i said im looking to buy a new mower for the 06' season. Ive decided on getting a ferris is3000. but i was at the dealer the other day, and they mentioned that, they will be carrying wright products this season. I was wondering if anyone who uses' those mowers could provide any feedback for me. looking for some info about the stander 52" perfomance,engine, and if its hard to operate or not.. on their site i also saw they have a newer version comming out also the Stander RG.
  2. jtkplc

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    I've used a 52" Stander for about a season and a half. When I first started working for the company, all they had was 52" Standers and 21" push mowers. I thought it was stupid not to have a small walkbehind. However, to my amazement, we hardly ever use the 21" mowers. Maybe 5 times a week, and that is attributed the 52" Stander's versitility. They will go just about anywhere. We mow any kind of area you can think of, big and small. The first time I got on one it took me about 2 minutes to become very comfortable operating the machine. At the time I did have a Gravely 260Z, so I was already comfortable with the "zero turn mower" . It's very easy to use.

    The downsides to the machine are not being suited for large areas, the ride, which after about an hour straight I'm about ready to get off, but if you're going from lawn to lawn it's not bad at all. Also, it's now available, but the Stander we use you can't adjust the height in a timely manner, like job to job. Now they make the rapid height stander, which is great.

    The Standers we use are the older versions before they increased the blade tip speed. These mowers all have 20HP B&S engines, which are underpowered. If I were buying a 52" Stander, I'd get it with the 25HP Kawasaki. The cut is decent, but with the higher blade tip speed on the current models, I would think it would be a great cut. Striping is great with no striping kit.

    If I didn't have a couple accounts (softball fields) that required a ZTR, I would probably buy a 52" Stander. I highly suggest getting a demo on a Stander to see if it's what fits you're needs and accounts.
  3. esshaki

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    my dealer doesnt have then in stock yet, but said once they have them he could make sure to call me. i was also wondering how are they on slopes/hills? i dont mow that many but have a few tricky yards.
  4. jtkplc

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    Ah, hills, I knew I was forgetting to include something.

    It handles hills very well. Being able to adjust your body weight for better traction and being in an upright position, your center of gravity is already lower. I've been able to mow some pretty steep hills, one's that for my own business would require me to bust out my walkbehind. Being able to bail off the back is nice if you get in a tricky situation.
  5. impactlandscaping

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    Standers really shine on tightly landscaped yards. We use 48's, and love using them. We even do a couple of larger yards over 3 acres, but with 2 mowers running, it's quickly knocked out. You'll be amazed at the speed and agility of the Standers, not to mention the ability to handle moderate slopes and hills as well. See if your dealer can arrange a demo when they get some stock in, and see for yourself. As stated above, we also only carry a 21" for 2 accounts with steeper front slopes over 40 degrees. Striping is good and they leave a really nice finish as well.
  6. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    I love my Stander.....it is a 23hp Kaw. Would have gotten the 25 but there was a delay on those.

    Don't base your decision on a short demo. It takes some time to really become comfortable with the capabilities of the mower. The controls are easy to learn. That is a different issue from learnings the mowers capabilities. Get a long demo if possible.

  7. John Gamba

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    They have a new Video.

  8. impactlandscaping

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    Yeah, a long demo is nice. When we got ours, the rep brought us a Sentar, Stander ,and a Velke mower to try. We took the Stander, and he said try it out for a week on our accounts to see how we'd like it.I'd never drop any significant amount of money without a full demo with no prior brand experience.
  9. robertsturf

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    I purchased 2 52", 23HP Standers this year, because they are very nimble, can go anywhere and are reasonably priced. I have mowed with just about every commercial ZTR there is and I feel they are the best compromise. IMO don't purchase the RH version though, they only have a 19HP tops for 52" and the rear tires are narrower than the standard version. Also they do a better job despersing clippings with double blades.
  10. Doc Pete

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    Not to start.. BUT...... did you see the quality of lines those standers make in the Video. Gees, if you're gonna show off the products, hide the mowing area, or put down straight lines... PLEASE!!!

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