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Wright or wrong

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mr Distinctive, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. Mr Distinctive

    Mr Distinctive LawnSite Member
    from FL
    Messages: 16

    I was just about to buy a 36" wright stander when I read all this negative press on these BBs about Wright and their set-up. (Not sure where it all suddenly came from and my dealer knows nothing about it)

    Anyway, I have now put my purchase on hold for a week and decided to look at other options.

    Any thoughts on other standers ?
  2. Tony Harrell

    Tony Harrell LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 739

    Must have been something to what the captain said because I mentioned the thread to a dealer in Winston-Salem and his jaw dropped like I read his mind. Same thing happened to him, and more. I won't get into the details because it's all second hand.
  3. AielLandscaping

    AielLandscaping LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 302

    I'm sure that some of the negative came from posts that i made before everything was cleared up. i am again planning on buying a stander at the start of next season.
  4. Albemarle Lawn

    Albemarle Lawn LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,544

    I can't understand why anyone would use a 36" ride-on anything. Sit, stand, etc, if you're only cutting 36" what's the point.

    We have a few med-sized gated yards. I have a John Deere HD30 36" walk-behind and a John Deere JX85 20" push mower.

    I timed myself on the same yards with the 20" and the 36" I concluded that if you count load and unload time, I need to mow over 1/4 Ac. to breakeven with the 36"

    So most of the time my 36" stays at the shop. It is 5 seasons old and looks like brand new. I only bought it because I used to mow an townhouse community with lots of gated yards.

    Right now the 36 is not worth the space on the truck. But I'm keeping it so I stay flexible for taking on all types of properties.

  5. That turned out to be for the distributor, but not in your area.
  6. scottt

    scottt LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 269

    I talked to my local dealer about the distributor "problems" and he isn't to worried about it. I asked him if they were still going to carry wright products and he said they were. This is coming from by far the best dealer of any brand the area and I trust them 100%. By the way, I bought a 36" stander a few weeks ago and love it. I already have 85 hrs on it. After a few days of getting used to it you will really see a significant time savings over a walkbehind.
  7. sheppard

    sheppard LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 542

    Had mine about 8 months now I think. Have the 52". For the grass in Tallahasse I have it on the lowest setting on the back wheels. With that set up I have a low setting of 1.75 inches and a high of 2.5 inches. This is perfect for centipede. All my St. Aug. I cut with my Snapper 36" set at 3.5- 4.0.

    My production is throught the roof! Something about the elevasion of the lawn one is doing that is a clear advantage over sitting. Spotting trouble is easier as well.

    They only down side to it relates to the deck. If you bottom out somewhere then you cannot raise the deck to assist in getting unstuck. Jamming a limb or anything else) under the deck needs a jack to facilitate its removal.

    I'd buy another one all things being equla. However, if I demo the Sentar and am comfortable staning on it (I'm 6'4") I'll get that instead.

  8. captdevo

    captdevo LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 932

    i'd check out the great dane super surfer...

    adjustable deck

    easier to service

    just as well built, if not better

    and any John Deere dealer can service them......if ever needed!

    some may say it was a copycat, but aren't most machines anyway?

    i think they made alot of nice improvements......hinged leaning pad, adjustable deck, reservoir is easier to check and service, filter change is easier, better operator presence sensor......

    BEST KEPT LAWNCARE LawnSite Member
    Messages: 4

    i bought a 36 inch stander. have the rear wheels set in middle. and i adjust my front wheel spacers for st augusteen and bahai grasses .seem's to work out fine . also i cut a commercial account which is a few acres with my same stander. only own two 36 inch mowers other is a bunton dont use that mower. do everthing on the stander .i love my stander . its a fun machine to operate .and when u gut stuck. i can preety mutch lift the mower out of mud. or whatever stuck in or on by myself. next mower we buy will be a 52 or bigger stander BESTKEPTLAWNCARE /A CUT ABOVE THE REST
  10. KLMlawn

    KLMlawn LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 443

    As I have said, I feel Wrights are great machines, the distributors and dealers in my area have no problems at all and none expected. I have owned a 36" Stander for over two years and it has almost 800 hours on it with little if any problems and just bought a 52" Stander about a month ago.
    This basically winds up like a Ford vs. Chevy debate.
    I would venture to say that most of the bad press has probably been generated by few disgruntled dealers who didn't get the deal from Wright or on Wright equipment that they wanted so take it for what it is worth.
    If you have any serious questions about Wright or their products, and want to get the info direct, go to their web site or contact them directly.
    Also, Bill Wright does stop by here occasionally and answers questions and corrects the misguided and misleading propoganda being posted here.

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