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Wright Sentar 36"?

Fareway Lawncare

LawnSite Silver Member
Local dealer says Wright will be introducing a 36" Sentar next season.

Any Sentar users have input on how this well this unit would work as a gate mower for smaller backyards w/a 36" deck?


LawnSite Bronze Member
SE Pennsylvania
I have the 61" Sentar, but see no reason to have a 36" rider. Sure, you may be able to stand on the Sentar, but it is really a riding mower. I'd save the extra money and trailer space and go with the Wright Stander if I were you. Personally a 36" WB with sulky would be my choice.


LawnSite Senior Member
Charlotte, NC
That is a lot of mower just to put a 36" deck on it. I would use the Stanter if I needed that much mower or like Scraper said a WB would be more practical.