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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by impactlandscaping, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. impactlandscaping

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    I checked through some old threads for some info about this, but couldn't really find much. I was at my dealer today looking at the new Velke mower and the Sentar.I originally went to look at a Stander, but they don't have any in right now.Anyways..The guy tells me that the last three Sentars he's sold have all had spindle bearing failure / hydro failure within as little as 30 hrs to 300 hrs. Anyone who uses either mower had similar problems? I am thinking of buying one, and the dealer is great with commercial service turnaround, but I just wanted a little more first hand info.Thanks for the replies...
  2. John Gamba

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    Do a search and you will get the low down. Happy Holidays.
  3. Likestomow

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    I bought a new Sentar in May and experienced spindle failure within the first hour.

    This was the first time I had ever mowed with a fixed deck mower. So on the first property I mowed the deck dipped a bit when I turned and I sucked up a water meter cover. It was then that I experienced spindle failure, along with blade failure also. That 23 hp. Kawasaki is strong, but it just couldn’t handle the cast iron cover. I immediately bought two complete spindles from Wright, so now I can have the same thing happen again if I need to.

    My mower came with the new hydro cooler, which I’m told has almost eliminated hydro problems. But remember, there will always be some problems with some mowers all over the globe. In 2003 Wright began offering the 25 hp. Kaw, and along with that they put on bigger pumps and wheel motors.

    I have been very pleased with my Sentar and enjoy mowing with it. I hope to buy a Stander over the winter.
  4. geogunn

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    LTM--DUDE! please pardon me! but when you drive over a water meter during the first hour of operation of a brand new mower and you destroy the blade and spindle you haven't experienced spindle failure ...you have tornthehell out of it!

    saying FAILURE implies not your fault. sucking up a water meter cover and tearing up blade and spindle IS YOUR FAULT!

    BTW--I have been looking at the sentar. the closest dealer is 45 miles, one way. I am glad that you are happy with yours!

    GEO :waving:

    oh BTW--the sentar has a floating deck. not fixed!
  5. Scraper

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    Thanks for correcting Liketomow, Geo! Saved me some typing. As for the Sentar, I bought the 2003 61"/25 Kawi last spring and can't say enough good things about it. I would have to say all the past negative comments about the Sentar were from the first two model years when Wright was working the kinks out of an innovative new piece of equipment. Thus why it is better not to buy something when it first comes out. Personally I waited 2 years waiting to see what would unfold and I felt that this year most major issues had been resolved. I have had no problems with the spindles or the hydros. Only problem I had was with the way the throttle cable is run on the Kawasaki in that it is run over the exhaust and when I push the mower too hard it has melted the plastic coating which eventually froze the cable. I can deal with that.

    P.S. Mine now has over 200 hours.
  6. lawn and stump

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    Scraper- Glad to hear you like your Sentar. I know you were on the fence before you bought it. I think I will buy my third one this winter on the Wright web site. My first two are 61" 25 hp and I think I will get the same
  7. thfireman

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    I have had a Sentar since May 2003 and have put 96 hours on it so far. I have had no problem at all from spindles, pullies, belts hydro or otherwise. I think the changes made on the 2003 models have fixed the major problems. I also think that the dealer that told you that info must have been speaking old school stats on the Sentar. Sounds like the troubles they were having before the upgrades took place. I give the SENTAR an A+.:D
  8. Turfdude

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    Only 96 hrs since May???? You must be f/t ff & part time lc. Our average machines get 500 +- hrs/year on them
  9. Tbarchaser

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    For you guys buying sentars look for the red linkage on the pumps. I know I have mentioned it a few times on here but it is a big deal. 15cc hydro pumps and bigger wheel motors now up from the 10cc. plus a few other upgrades the new models just started shipping aug or so.
  10. thfireman

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    LOL, Yep I am a firefighter fulltime and I cut 3 days a week. I also only use the Sentar on about 15 lawns so the Scag takes care of the rest. I have been using it more and more hours each week as I get used to putting it in tighter spaces. Some lawns I thought I would never get it in I can move around like crazy and make great time cutting. :)

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