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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brucec32, Jan 8, 2005.

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    I received a brochure on wright products from the distributor, along with a info sheet on the new Sport 36" riding mower.

    It does appear to have a quick adjust deck, though I can't tell from the quality of the copy I got whether it really floats or not. But a 36" deck mower really doesn't anyway except when the deck bottom hits ground.

    It has the 17hp kawi, which seems like better power for the size than that offered by the Gravely 34z.

    It looks to be more wide, and hence stable, than the 34z. Deck range is 1-5", blade tip speed is an excellent 19,000 fpm.

    Uses 10cc hydro gear pumps and hydrogear wheel motors. ground speed is 7.5mph fwd, 4.3 reverse. Not blistering, but fine as far as I'm concerned for small lot use.

    Tires are 18x8-10 rear and 11x4-4 front. So the rutting found on the stander types at this deck width might not be a problem with this mower.

    Length is only 62" and weight just 770 lbs. A big reason why I am considering one. I want to minimize the weight and bulk on the smaller trailer I prefer to use for access reasons on tight properties.

    By just the looks of it, it seems well balanced, with plenty of weight on the rear wheels for traction, yet the engine on the deck area so no popping wheelies by accident.

    I also notice a rubber discharge chute, which may be the new thing in mowers , I notice Toro has them now too.

    Overall, it looks like a nice balance between micro rider and stander type mowers. If I recall the price was good too.

    Eager to hear from those who have demo'd the mower. I will try to locate one when I am in Atlanta next week, but I bet one will be hard to find at the few dealerships nearby. I've yet to find a big, well equipped Wright dealer.
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    I wish I could help you here. All I did was see a 36" sport from a distant. It seem really neat.
  3. gogetter

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    Any new info or input from anyone on these (36" Sentar Sports)????
    Still no real info on Wrights website (what's up with that??).

    Any price info?

    My local dealer stopped carrying Wright this year (he doesn't like the distributer), and the next nearest dealer isn't all that near.

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