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wright sentar


LawnSite Member
SE Michigan
I demoed one at my local dealer open house today its pretty neet. I thought you would bounce alot however its pretty smooth on rough ground. I have a stander 36", Exmark 60, Hustler 60, Ferris 52, My next mower will most likley be a sentar.

the demo I was on was a 52 with a 19 kaw way under powered I wouldent go any less than the 23hp

Demo one its quality
The only complaint is the exhaust goes straight foreward. You can angle it down so your not sucking co2 all day long.


LawnSite Bronze Member
SE Pennsylvania
One of the best purchases I have ever made. Got the 61/25 Kawi last season. As for back pain....none whatsoever. I see more back pain riding the mid-mounts bouncing around like a sack of potatoes. No complaints at all except for lack of attachments due to configuration, but its other features more than make up for that.

Envy Lawn Service

LawnSite Fanatic
North Carolina

You didn't ask me, but if I Ain't mistaken they are 65" long? But I believe they are shorter with the seat up like you would have it while hauling.

We FINALLY got a Wright dealer here! I haven't done any more than play around with them. I'm pretty impressed with the machines, but not crazy about any of them.

The new Sentar is really nice and really seems like it may be a more comfortable sit down mower for rough ground. But I have to admit it seems a little awkward being used to standard Z's. However, my #1 complaint about this mower is it is supposed to be a sit or stand up mower, but it would be my last choice for standing on. The way it's laid out is less comfortable and the foot plate is way too short. I don't think I'd want to stand on it long at all since you just have enough foot plate to go under the ball of your feet and you'd essentially be doing a calf raise the entire time. Also, the controls must have been lowered since I traveled to check them out. The current configuration seems different. When I stand up I can't go into reverse. If I do the controls come back right against 'you know where'.

The Stander is much more comfortable to stand on. It's also super compact. But the fixed deck doesn't appeal to me much because I change cutting heights regularly. I'm not sure how much of a task it would be to go up or down. Plus I'm not sure what the range of selections are before the deck pitch would get to far out of whack and require other adjustments besides caster spacers.

Also it looks like if Wright does have a mulch kit, it's nothing more than a discharge block off. That's one requirement of mine. My mowers must be prolific mulchers.

So all in all, short of a demo in the field for the day, I like the machines but, well....there always seems to be a BUT....


LawnSite Bronze Member
Spring Hill, FL
I have a 61/25Kaw Sentar and love it. I know you won't believe it until you try it but the seating is more comortable and easier on my back than any of the z's I've ever owned. I attribute that to the fact that the seat has aprox 8" of spring dampened suspension to it. To my knowledge Wright doesn't make anything other than a block-off plate. Fortunately for me my dealer makes and installs his own mulch kits. I have one on mine and it works as good as any I've ever owned (Toro, Grasshopper, Husqvarna). Holds great on hills but will take a little getting used to until you know the limits. Has one of the nicest deck adjustment mechanisims. Very well engineered. If you get one make sure it is not from e-bay. Those, I've heard, are the original Sentars that have the smaller hydro pumps and will give you trouble. The current models use 16cc pumps and twin hydro filters........pretty much bombproof! Wright DOES stand behind their product!!!


LawnSite Silver Member
They make a bolt on mulch kit. I saw it at the factory. It bolts right one, put on some mulching or gator blades and go. The ebay standers and sentars are some of the warrenty machines. If it has a big problem, they replace the who machine. The got a guys that all he does is take them apart, fix the problem, replace anything worn and does touch up on the paint. They recondition the machines. Those new pumps are huge and have self return built in. Wrights is the only company with them. The even have a built in netural adjustment. I am going to get two 60" super sentars next year.


LawnSite Senior Member
Charlotte, NC
I have a 52" 23HP Sentar. Love it more each day. I bought the baffle mulch kit for mine. I like it very much. After the initial installation you can take it on and off within a matter of minutes. It is a very heavy duty mulch kit. Does a great job.

As for the ebay Sentars they have been reto fitted with the oil coolers but as I understand it they still have the smaller wheel motors that they had troubles with. Mine is a 2004 model with the upgraded pumps, motors and dual filter system with oil cooler.

I have had no trouble at all with my Sentar. By the way for those of you who have Mexican workers.... The oil cooler has a hinged lid to make it easier to clean out the radiator ribs. Tell the Mexican that it is NOT a Burrito warmer! It can get quite warm during a long cut job.:rolleyes: