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Wright Stander 31hp 61" $10,900 or Gravely Commercial 27hp 60" $7400


LawnSite Bronze Member
Oklahoma City
Pretty basic question. The Wright is at the dealer who I completely trust and have great relations with. The Gravely is at another dealer and it's marked way down because the 2010 models are coming in. This dealer has been kinda fishy to me about 6 or 7 years ago. I've been in twice in the last year and they have had better guys since my little incident 6 or 7 years back.

The gravely has some sort of advanced suspension seat which has been my reason for wanting the Wright so bad, because even though you're standing, it's basically a floating suspension system.

I'm not sure to do. Should I bust my dealer loyalty to save $3400 on a Gravely over a Wright? I think the Wright has the 31HP kawa and the Gravely has 27" kawa.

I've heard that the stander will blow away any other Z on time and maneuverability, but money is pretty tight right now.


LawnSite Senior Member
Gravely is the best quality low priced equipment around. I just went a whole season with nothing but routine maintenance and took it from like 50 to 175 hours


LawnSite Senior Member
i think id go with the wright, more power, and supposedly more stability on hills, and save wieght and trailer space.


LawnSite Member
Wilson, NC
How about SnapperPro S200X-61" with a 32 hp Vanguard for $7,499? This is a 2010 model with the advanced iCD deck design. It's a great commercial unit at a great price.


LawnSite Fanatic
i always thought snapper was crap, but now they are inluding designs from ferris and are much better. still, i would go with the wright, very awesome machines and more agility and hillside performance period


LawnSite Bronze Member
fort myers fl
i dont like gravely but 3000.00 difference i would buy the gravely for sure. and as someone else listed belt problems????? even if you replace a belt every year you have 3000.00 of money for belts... also you dont need 31hp, 27hp plenty and cheaper on gas