Wright stander and Great dane stander, comments and opinions


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What's everyone's opinion on the 2 stander mowers. I can get a brand new 52 inch Wright Stander for $4299.00 with a 16 HP B&S Vanguard. Is this enough engine, I was hoping for a little more power but the price increases significantly for a bigger engine. Is the Great Dane better? The Wright appears to be a better machine, but I haven't used one for a long period of time. Does the Wright machine stripe well, I have seen and heard of Dane's having a problem doing this well. Ant opinions and help would be appreciated. Oh I can also get 52 inch Dane with 19 HP Kohler for $4999.00.


i also have a great dane 52in with a 18hp on it...i really like the machine,mine seems to stripe well on the big yards,in Mn there are alot of danes around and never heard one bad thing,i know they have a fw spindle problems but for 25.00 a spindle you can upgrade them.<p>scott


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i was real impressed with the super surfer i saw at a open house about a week ago...i would love to have one in my fleet someday. how do you feel after standing all day on those? is the manueverbility as good as advertised?

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