Wright Stander B 36" vs Bad Boy Revolt 48"


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Hi All,

I have my mowing selection narrowed down to two mowers... Wright Stander B 36" or a Bad Boy Revolt 48". In looking at the mowers... The Bad Boy appears to be built a little strong and has more commercial components and quite frankly if they had 36" in stock anywhere I would buy it right now.

The Wright has more availability and I can find a Stander B 36". Wright has a bigger name and a little more proven record.

I am mowing my own yard currently which is a large residental yard. I only have 53" for my gate and a small front yard which pushes me to 36" for more maneuverability.

What is everyone thoughts?


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What are the prices you are getting?

The Bad boy is a full commercial machine vs a light duty entry level machine.
Hydros are equal with the HG3100 on both.
Bad Boy gets a bigger Kawi engine with 4 extra hp.
Bad boy has a taller, but narrower tire. BB has larger and wider front castors. These small standers often have a issue with rutting so that can make a difference.
Bad Boy goes 2mph faster, and a extra 1.5 gallons of gas.
The Bad Boy is built heavier duty on the frame/deck. The BB is 74 #'s heavier. The BB has a 7 gauge deck vs 11 for the Wright.

Decide whats important to you, and whats more comfy and go from there.


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When I looked at standers a couple years ago, the Bad Boy Revolt had the best ergos out of them all.

The Stander B was decent from the pricing standpoint, however, I believe they will be within $500 depending on the dealer. I don't think you can do wrong with either.

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